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    22 Pictures That Pretty Much Perfectly Sum Up Becoming An Adult

    It's all in the emails.

    1. Being an adult means learning what it truly means to be responsible:

    2. It means answering the tough questions:

    3. And becoming a mature person:

    4. Being an adult means keeping a to-do list:

    5. Making your own plans:

    6. And deleting emails ALL THE TIME.

    7. Being an adult means experiencing milestones:

    8. Watching your friends stumble through life:

    9. Finding out things you never knew about yourself:

    10. And creating beautiful things:

    11. Being an adult means finding your way:

    12. It means learning the value of a dollar:

    13. Realizing what actually matters in life:

    14. Dealing with disaster:

    15. Enjoying the finer things in life:

    16. Putting your experience to work:

    17. Canceling plans:

    18. And remembering the good times:

    19. Being an adult means experiencing memories you'll never forget:

    20. Saying you're sorry:

    21. AND handling emergencies with ease:

    22. It's a lot like Mario Kart:

    23. But mostly it's just a lot of this: