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19 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Becoming An Adult

This is what it's about.

1. When you're an adult, you answer the tough questions:

2. You take care of yourself:

3. And make sophisticated decisions:

4. Becoming an adult means finding your hobbies:

5. It's a time where you learn to offer your sincerest congratulations:

6. It's a time to figure out the rest of your life:

7. A time to find your way:

8. To get your life together:

9. Being an adult is all about putting everything you learned in school to the test:

10. It's about putting that experience to work:

11. Becoming an adult is all about learning from your elders:

12. Or...a vending machine:

13. It's a lot like Mario Kart:

14. Or, you know, crossing the street:

15. Or, you know, deleting emails:

16. Being an adult is all about creating the perfect schedule:

17. It's about budgeting:

18. About watching what you eat:

19. But mostly it's about doing this every single night: