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27 Things Absolutely Everyone Has Done But No One Will Ever Admit

You. Know. It's. True.

1. Made one trip and lived to tell the tale:

2. Put your hand in the air for NO GOOD REASON:

3. Strategically planned your "HERE":

4. Retrieved the box of shame:

5. Experienced the eternal struggle:

6. Said the chosen word:

Twitter: @mattslusser / Via Getty

7. "Got ready" for an hour:

8. Done the cricket rub:

9. Calmly walked away:

10. Got some verrrrry suspicious sleep:

11. Descended into cashier hell:

12. Lost all your tired:

Twitter: @MythManny / Via Getty

13. Checked out the tiny 'net: / Via Getty

14. Demanded WOTER:

15. Looked to your left only to see THE HORROR:

16. Immediately smashed that MF'n track package link:

17. Experienced the loudest noise known to mankind:

18. Got a little carried away:

19. Done the ol' gentle touch:

20. Had the "hurts so good" music moment:

21. RAN the house:

22. Got those red marks:

23. Thought about the worst-case scenario: / Via Getty

24. Run birthday calculations:

25. Tried not to be dramatic:

26. Had a "..." standoff:

27. And, finally, given up:

Twitter: @tbhjuststop


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