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An Average Day In The Life Of Kanye West

Finally, we know the secrets behind the world's most interesting man.

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1. First, Kanye has a little Kanye Rest:

2. Afterward, he has a full meal with a little Kanye Zest:

3. He takes off his shirt and shows his Kanye Chest:

Kevin Perkins,

4. And throws on a Kanye Vest:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

5. He then heads to the Kanye Fest:

6. But is ultimately Kanye Unimpressed:

7. On his way out he almost Kanye Wrecks himself:

8. But is able to recover and go on Kanye Quest:

FameFlynet Pictures

9. He becomes Kanye Blessed:

10. ...after passing the John Mayer Kanye Test:

11. Next, Kanye takes on an opponent, but ultimately gets the Kanye Best:

12. But a few things led him to becoming Kanye Distressed:

13. Like when he was photobombed between his Kanye Breast:

Denise Truscello/WireImage

14. And joined shortly thereafter by an unwelcome Kanye Guest:

15. Which ultimately made him a bit Kanye Stressed:

16. And made him feel a bit like a Kanye Pest:

17. He became all alone and Kanye Depressed:

18. So he decided to grab some Kanye Pets:

19. And become Kanye Obsessed:

Comedy Central

20. Very Kanye Obsessed:

21. And remembers his Kanye Progress:

Joe Kohen/WireImage; ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

22. So he hopped back on a flight at Kanye Southwest:

23. And asked the pilots one small Kanye Request:

24. He pictures a simpler life in the Kanye Midwest:

25. Before heading back to the Kanye Nest:

26. And grabbing some more Kanye Rest:



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