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    75 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced But Would Never, Ever Dare Talk About

    Uhhh... you tell me.

    Pretty much every human on Earth has experienced...

    1. The hardest question:

    Receptionist at the dentist office will look u dead in the eye and ask if ur available 4 months and 13 days from now

    Twitter: @itsqail

    2. The sweet release:

    When your ear randomly pops and your hearing suddenly increases by 35%

    Twitter: @Sw33tSanade

    3. The pants betrayal:

    I just want to know why my clothes only get caught on door handles when in a bad mood

    Twitter: @JMorriss96

    4. The pure terror:

    I've been alive 20 years and still haven't found the right thing to say when somebody knocks on the door of the public bathroom you're in

    Twitter: @seangallagher96

    5. The gross feeling:

    When you try to swallow a pill...but it doesn't go down and now it's dissolving in your mouth

    Twitter: @SageOfTheEnd

    6. The intense monitoring:

    Nobody: Me: “staring at the dead body in movie to see if I can catch him/her breathing”

    Twitter: @iamhbozz

    7. The dad out of thin air:

    *Movie's 10 second sex scene begins My dad who's been missing for 12 years: hey whatcha watchin'

    Twitter: @psybermonkey

    8. The itchiest feeling:

    If uncomfortable was a picture...

    Twitter: @iminaamullah

    9. The restart:

    Me restarting the song because I blinked on my favorite part.

    Twitter: @yeboah__

    10. The change of heart:

    When you’re typing a comment on a random post and right in the middle you realize:

    Twitter: @robert493575

    11. The sudden puke:

    yall remember in first grade when we were just chillin in class then somebody threw up outta nowhere

    Twitter: @ihyjuju

    12. The bite that was always there:

    Why was there always a bite taken out of these mfs

    Twitter: @BannedDimer

    13. The pee betrayal:

    Me Getting up to pee after being comfortable in bed.

    Twitter: @BasitCFC

    14. The hero of the party:

    Shout out the person at a social event who’s the first to say they’re going home and breaks the seal for the rest of the guests to be like, “Guess we’ll head out too”

    Twitter: @copymama

    15. The disgust:

    When I pass someone to see if they look as stupid as they drive

    Twitter: @MsStone37

    16. The quick little check:

    Me looking back at the ATM afterwards to make sure that MF go back to the home screen

    Twitter: @_kdot2

    17. The essential TV watching activity:

    Meme of Bilbo Baggins removing the back cover of a television remote control.

    18. The mad dash:

    Me leaving my house at 7:30 hoping that I make it to work by 7:00

    Twitter: @Parblooflagos_

    19. The cliffhanger:

    When you want to go back to sleep to finish the storyline of your dream:

    Twitter: @yngdrip

    20. The duality of man:

    me passing someone: u slow bitch. me being passed: ok speed racer.

    21. The HUGE difference in ratings:

    meme making fun of various ratings.

    22. The essential meal activity:

    "I'll turn on a 2 hour movie just to eat my food in 2 minutes and 17 seconds."

    23. The worst experience:

    cleaning out your fridge is such a humiliating experience. you bought these plums and you didn’t eat them in time. you absolute failure. you miserable piece of

    Twitter: @dsemumi

    24. The loss of tired:

    Anyone else start falling asleep in a place that’s not your bed and when you finally get to bed you’re not tired?

    Twitter: @aviiiiiiiv

    25. The reason for subtitles half the time:

    i keep subtitles on bc sometimes i just be snackin too loud

    Twitter: @spItscrn

    26. The embarrassment:

    Someone saying, "hate restaurants that make u say shit like yeah can i have the big wet daddy burger please thanks."

    27. The eye rub:

    Don’t talk to me while I’m rubbing my eye...I’m not gonna hear you

    Twitter: @newwxve_

    28. The eeeeeeeeeeeeee:

    Someone saying, "nobody: my ear randomly: eeeeeeeeeeee"

    29. The hardest choice:

    Wesley Snipes crying, as the text reads: "'Storage space running out' Me deleting apps I never opened in my life:"

    30. The sheer relief:

    Sure, sex is cool. But have you ever farted away a stomach ache?

    Twitter: @tumbalicious05

    31. Time well spent:

    There's just not enough time in the day *screen time 11 hours 23 mins*

    Twitter: @thmahdyy

    32. The come to Jesus moment:

    Someone writing, "are you ever in the middle of saying something or showing someone something and you realize that literally no one cares."

    33. The longest walk:

    when u get in bed and forget to turn off the lights

    34. The true mark of adulthood:

    One thing no one ever talks about being an adult is how much time you debate yourself on keeping a cardboard box because it's, like, a really good box.

    Twitter: @madameanthro

    35. The smack:

    36. The sub-zero temps:

    "do you ever cook something in the microwave but it's still really cold in the middle and you just keep eating it instead of heating it longer because life is pointless, etc."

    37. Ye ol' garbage-can read:

    Reading cooking instructions off the bag I just threw out

    38. The cup cleanup:

    39. The $5 spending spree:

    "The 'It's only $5, why not buy it' mentality has probably cost me like $15,000 at this point in my life."

    40. The tingles:

    tweet reading me hits my elbow my entire nervous system and it's a photo of a glitched out homer simpson

    41. The flailing:

    tweet reading chasing after a ping pong ball is wildly dehumanizing

    42. The unruly hoodie:

    43. The final brush:

    Is it a universal thing to brush your teeth an hour before the dentist to try and hide the prior 6 months of neglect?

    44. Those essential minutes:

    If I wake up at 8:27 and my alarm was set on 8:30 you can bet 100% imma close my eyes and go back to sleep for those 3 minutes

    Twitter: @abigailodm

    45. The time double-check:

    Does anyone else ever pull their phone out to check the time but then have to do it again cuz they forgot to actually look at the clock or am I just stupid

    46. The end:

    you ever just get a sharp stabbing pain in one of ur organs and u think ah fuck its finally happening

    Twitter: @badboycammyt

    47. The realization:

    Someone writes, "When medication says 'do not operate heavy machinery' they're probably mainly referring to cars, but my mind always goes to forklift."

    48. The glory days:

    Someone tweets, "I miss the old internet, when if you had something to say you'd just put some sad song lyrics up as your away message and people would be oh no, what's going on?"

    49. The security anxiety:

    U know that feeling of anxiety as you’re about to walk past the security sensors on your way out of a store and u think omg did I shove a tv up my ass i can't remember

    50. The hidden hill breathing:

    Y’all ever try to breathe quieter while walking up a hill so bystanders don’t hear you fighting for your life

    51. The line deception:

    Peter Parker writing his full name under "Name:" and a "P" under "Last name:"

    52. What really happens before an email:

    “Apologies for my delayed response. I thought about emailing you back every day for the past two weeks but I just didn’t.”

    Twitter: @carlosiruizm

    53. The quadruple overpack:

    Does anyone else pack underwear for a trip like they're planning on shitting themselves twice for every day they're gone?

    54. The immediate ignore:

    One of my biggest faults is that when I ask someone their name I forget to listen to what their name is. I really need to work on this

    55. The mumbles:

    Spongebob heaving as his mouth is pushed open by Patrick with the caption "The Dentist: So how's life going"

    56. The most extreme sport:

    Someone tweets, "have u ever tried to hurry out of bed to go pee and rush back so you don't lose any 'tired' lmao"

    57. The out-of-body experience:

    Do u ever drive like a solid 5 min while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid then ur like were any of those lights I passed green how did I get here WTF ??

    Twitter: @RyleeVonhof

    58. The vibe check:

    Me checking if everyone is vibing with the song i put on

    Twitter: @datboijhoson

    59. The synchronized breathing:

    You ever lay next to someone and try to breath like them and almost die???

    60. The super-stupid question:

    yall ever have to google a question so dumb that u gotta go into incognito mode

    61. Those clicks:

    Someone tweets, "Gotta make sure them tong is tonging."

    62. The worst sight to behold:

    Meme saying, "Please don't be 6..." but the clock reads: 5:59

    63. The google of shame:

    When you Google the lyrics of a song and realise you’ve been singing nonsense for 6 months

    64. The headphone pull:

    When you've got ear phones in but forget and walk away from your laptop

    65. The intimate connection:

    Meme saying, "Me in any aquarium trying to make personal connections with the fish."

    66. The shower envy:

    i should get in the shower *2 hours later someone else starts the shower* me: oh my god fuck you i was JUST about to get in there

    67. The sorrow:

    Shrek looking sad with the caption "when you agreed to go out and the time to go out is getting closer"

    68. The hardest question you'll ever answer:

    Someone tweets, "Me: *Has tons of favorite songs* Person: 'What's your favorite song?' Me: *Forgets every song I have ever heard*"

    69. The sweet, sweet crackle:

    Meme that reads "When the vacuum cleaner goes over a spot of dirt and you hear that crackle" with Robin Williams saying "That's the good stuff"

    70. The remote trace:

    Meme that says, "My brain: do it Me: why? My brain: just do it," as a squiggle line traces the buttons on the front of a remote control.

    71. The soundtrack to life:

    Meme of a man driving to work with text that reads, "Me listening to songs about selling drugs and killing people on my way to my regular 9-5 job."

    72. That lil' awkward shuffle:

    that awkward little run when someone lets you cross the street

    73. The hole of no return:

    EVERYTHING gets lost here 🤦🏻‍♂️

    74. The room fashion show:

    when you clean your room & you leave to see how it would look if someone walked in

    75. And the big delay:

    Someone tweets: "me: i'll do it at 6 time: 6:05 me: wow looks like i gotta wait till 7 now."