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    75 Of The Most Painfully Awkward Exchanges In All Of Human History

    I keep scrolling and I keep cringing.

    1. The cafe convo:

    tweet about a guy who has to fart and thinks it's silent but its because hes listening to music on his ipod

    2. The tortoise convo:

    tweet reading my mum was too embarassed to tell the vet our tortoise was called voldetort so she just said his name was susan

    3. The grandma convo:

    tweet reading when i was 12 i was signing a birthday card for my grandma and i wrote you're a great grandma and she lost her shit because she thought i was telling her i was pregnant

    4. The bread convo:

    reddit comment reading i once saw a guy shake his dates hand when she reached over to grab some bread

    5. The Gordon convo:

    tweet about someone sending a close up of gordon ramsay's forehead instead of a nude

    6. The grandpa convo:

    text conversations where someone says i don't think my grandpa is going to make it and someone responds what is he making

    7. The gas convo:

    tweet about someone passing gas very loudly and a boyfriend taking the fall

    8. The gas station convo:

    tweet about someone bothering a person who won't pump gas

    9. The phone bill convo:

    ttweet showing a conversation with a verizon worker who thinks they are being flirted with

    10. The barber convo:

    tweet reading trying to forget the moment this afternoon when my barber asked are you having fun and i said yes but he was talking to his daughter who was filling in a coloring. book

    11. The guitar convo:

    tweet about someone playing guitar loudly during a moment of grieviing for their neighbors

    12. The eye contact convo:

    tweet about someone making eye contact and waving during oral sex

    13. The cowboy convo:

    tweet about someone wearing a cowboy hat and saying yeehaw

    14. The birthday convo:

    tweet about a dad not remembering a bday

    15. The creme convo:

    tweet readiing my bf told me when he was 17 he worked in a posh hotel and at breakfast some bloke asked him “is this crème fraîche?” and he replied “yeah we don’t serve out of date food” and I can’t stop thinking about it

    16. The bathroom convo:

    tweet about someone opening a pad in a bathroom stall and it sounding like chips

    17. The library convo:

    tweet about someone asking to add them on facebook and them not doing that

    18. The breakup convo:

    tweet reading i broke up with my girlfriend at a restaurant and she started crying, everyone thought i had proposed so they started clapping

    19. The lab convo:

    tweet reading my lab partner said hi i'm christian and i said hi i'm muslim christian is his name

    20. The Poland convo:

    tweet about waving at the wrong person

    21. The cropped convo:

    youtube comment about getting cropped out of a photo

    22. The dentist convo:

    tweet reading screaming just hugged my dentist thinking he was going in for one but really he was just taking off my dental bib. don't think i can ever recover from this

    23. The fist bump convo:

    tweet reading 3 years ago a cute guy i worked with wanted to give me a fist bump. i thought he was pretending to hold an invisible microphone so i leaned forward and said hello

    24. The surgery convo:

    tweet reading surgeon did someone fart silence surgeon i need to know i may have perforated bowel med student i farted

    25. The hamster convo:

    tweet reading i saw a girl carrying a hamster so i asked if i could pet it but it was actually a muffin

    26. The elevator convo:

    Tweet reading The elevator doors opened up and a guy walked in the elevator. It was just me and him in there and he said “I love you And I’m not rude so I said “I love you too
He gave me a weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth

    27. The Subway convo:

    tweet reading i once walked into subway asked for a "mootball feetlong"

    28. The customer convo:

    tweet reading meant to say hold on for a second and give me a minute to a customer and it came out as hold me for a second

    29. The soup convo:


    30. The surprise convo:

    tweet reading i surprised my girlfriend at work this morning came up behind her and kiss her on the neck she laighed and said mike stop you know we're at work my name is brandon

    31. The hugging convo:

    tweet reading tonight i walked past a couple fighting on a street corner and my tipsy ass yelled just hug it out and the girl replied you wouldnt if your sister was due with your bf's baby

    32. The networking convo:

    33. The dating convo:

    text of someone texting 200 people at once to scam them

    34. The hamster convo, part 2:

    tweet reading accidentally just replied to a boy i fancy off my hamsters instagram account

    35. The receipt convo:

    tweet reading yesterday at target the cashier said your receipt is in the bag and i responded with you too so i've been dealing with that for the past 18 hours

    36. The server convo:

    37. The number convo:


    38. The cheese convo:

    tumblr post reading apparently my mom is not even home and the person i hear puttering around the house is the carpet cleaning service i've been yelling grill me a cheese at them for 20 minutes

    39. The driving convo:

    tumblr post reading my friend was driving and we were almost past our turnoff so i tried to say quick and fast at the same time and ended up screaming quack

    40. The airplane convo:

    My flight was delayed 3 hours so l was doing what any human does when theyre bored. Minding my own business swiping through tinder & the guy behind me goes ouch hard no for that one? And I turn around ONLY TO SEE

    41. The bank convo:

    Tweet reading I work at a bank and this lady came in with a $150,000 check and to make conversation I was like "oh wow I wish I had one of these" then she deadass was like "it's a life insurance check. I would rather have the person"

    42. The dating convo:


    43. The deer convo:

    44. The sneeze convo:

    45. The Dick's convo:

    tweet reading 
today, a woman came up to the register with 2 kayaks to buy. 
after ringing them up, i looked her dead in the eye and said “would you like these in a bag?”

    46. The pizza convo:

    Facebook conversation where a guy opens his pizza upside down and thinks it doesn't have any toppings

    47. The other library convo:

    text reading i had to go to the library to pay a fee and i was practicing in the car between i have to pay a fine and i have to pay a fee and i walked in and firmly state i have to pee

    48. The cone convo:

    tumblr post reading I MEANT to say "oh crap, I left my phone in my car," but what I ALMOST said was “oh no, I left my cone in my phar," and damn, wouldn’t that have been embarrassing. but I caught myself. and what I ACTUALLY said was “Ah. my fart cone."

    49. The dressing room convo:

    tumblr post reading today at work i let someone into a dressing room and they said thanks and half of me tried to say you're welcome and no problem and i ended up saying your problem

    50. The Transportation Security Administration convo:

    tweet reading i was at the airport and the tsa agent said scan your face down so i put my face on the scanner and waited

    51. The password convo:

    tweet of a mom asking her son who he lost his virginity to because it's his security question

    52. The family convo:

    tweet reading my bf met my family for the first time and we were playing catch phrase and his word was boner instead of skipping it like a normal person he said something that bridget gives me right in front of my father

    53. The "crisps" convo:

    tweet reading just been down tesco getting a sandwich and some crisps and the lad at the checkout asked if i wanted to go for a drink i told him i've got a fellah and he said "no it's part of the meal deal"

    54. The divorce convo:

    tweet reading in college i went to a therapist for the first time and he asked me to tell him about my childhood. i got to and then my parents got divorced and he said and then your parents got a horse

    55. The red wine convo:

    tweet reading When my sister in-law was a waitress in Canada, she was taking drink orders from a group of Americans. They each ordered a glass of red wine. She suggested they choose a LITRE instead. one man put up his hand and said - “I’ll be the leader.”

    56. The Starbucks convo:

    tweet reading i blanked when i got to the counter at starbucks and said "Vodka soda" and she said "huh" and i said "huh"

    57. The hours convo:

    tweet of a person accidentally screenshotting their boss and sending it to them

    58. The craft store convo:

    tweet about a girl's boyfriend confusing the store michael's with an actual person and getting mad

    59. The professor convo:

    tweet reading i emailed my professor and meant to say i am worried i don't understand some material on our next test but i accidentally sent just i am worried

    60. The fart convo:

    facebook post reading today in math class i had the urge to fart i had the bright idea to drop my textbook at the same time so nobody would hear it i dropped my textbook everyone looked at me and then i farted loudly

    61. The food truck convo:

    Tweet reading I am at a food truck and this guy walks up and says ”I'll have my usual” and the guy working says “I don't know who the hell you are"

    62. The Maribel convo:

    tweet of someone thinking the text they're getting is from a hookup and not their boss

    63. The tripping convo:

    facebook post reading accidentally tripped an old lady meant to say i'm so fucking sorry and are you ok what came out was are you fucking sorry

    64. The hospital convo:

    text from a wrong number about a man named jake setting his butthole on fire

    65. The cancer convo:

    tweet about someone confusing cancer the illness for cancer the zodiac sign

    66. The innocent mother convo:

    tweet of a mom who thinking ass eating season means it's icy out

    67. The NCAA convo:

    tweet reading just finished a drug test i asked mr pee pee watcher what's the largest penis he's seen on the job he looked me up and down and said a lot bigger than that

    68. The psychiatrist convo:

    tweet of a person replying peepee poo poo to what they think is an automated text

    69. The freshman convo:

    tweet about someone being in the wrong school on orientation day

    70. The vet convo:

    tweet about a lady forgetting to bring her dog to the vet

    71. The toothbrush convo:

    reddit story about a person drinking out of a glass of water grandma used for her teeth

    72. The grapes convo:

    text of someone sending a picture of grapes and then consider this a fucking warning

    73. The exam convo:

    snapchat of someone who thought their teacher wrote salsa on their exam but they wrote 59/59

    74. The app convo:

    tweets about someone confusing phone apps for appetizers

    75. And the Helen convo:

    text of a woman named helen freaking out about a barbeque

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