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60 Pictures That Make Me Smile Uncontrollably No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

Can't stop smiling.

If the world seems like a steaming pile of garbaggio to you, just remember...

1. The family dinners:

cat family waiting for dinner

2. The perfect synonyms:

tweet reading my bf's first language is french and he forgot the word for lid so instead held up a pot and asked where is his hat

3. The wonderful names:

I was behind a grandmother who was apparently visiting Starbucks for the first time. The barista said, "Can I get a name for your drink?" She looked very confused and said, slowly, "I guess just call it Bob?"

Twitter: @jj_denhollander

4. The watchful heroes:

kid dressed as spiderman watching their sibling in a crib

5. The very, very high fives:

person flyiing over toronto while their friend on a ground takes a picture

6. The full circle moments:

man meeting the doctor who delivered him

7. Those warm, warm degrees:

girl sleeping in a degree blanket

8. The calls out of the blue:

tweet about a person getting a random call from a baby they dont know

9. The family slideshows:

dad meeting a kitten for the first time

10. The thoughtful tips:

big tip on a small bill

11. The horse pirates:

tweet reading someone in my norwegian class didn't know the word for cowboys so called them american horse pirates

12. The gardeners:

google maps image of a grandpa that passed away

13. The balloon kindness:

14. The big wins:

15. The study pizzas:

16. The 6 year old roasts:

I explained to my daughter that when Netflix started they used to send you DVDs. 6yr old: (old lady voice) You know, back in my day, the internet used to come in the mail.

Twitter: @zimmer_donald

17. The inclusive windows:

18. The restaurants who give back:

restaurant providing free meals to kids and those in need

19. And all the powerful friendships:

20. The meaningful gestures:

21. The little extra gifts:

22. The gentle pranks:

my 93 y/o resident had me watering her flowers for well over 20 minutes because they had to be perfect. she then told me to look at them really closely and tell me if i noticed anything. they were fake, literally not real at all. then she said april fools go get me a coffee. Lmao

Twitter: @ky_denzz

23. The brand-new smiles:

grandpa that got new teeth and is smiling for the first time in 40 years

24. The real MVPs:

25. And remember the tale of the Pizza King:

26. The good news signs:

27. Those chance encounters:

28. The wonderful lunchtime routines:

29. The very observant babies:

30. The neighbors with infinite kindness:

31. The little extra sun:

32. All the goldfish rescue crews:

33. The dads trying their best:

34. The special guests:

35. The beginnings of beautiful things:

36. The amazing educators:

tweet reading my mom is my role model. 
her student couldn’t find a babysitter today & being the true African mother that she is, taught a THREE hour class with the baby on her back & fed him.

37. The kindness of Willie:

truck announcing the news their daughter found a kidney

38. The fresh new looks:

tweet of a grandma who wanted to match her couch so she wore a similar colored outfit

39. The changes of heart:

dad who fell in love with a cat despite not wanting it at first

40. The 20 years of luck:

41. The tiny, little mittens:

tweet reading Today I found out through Facebook that the overnight security guard at my work knits boots and mittens for premature babies at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He also posts them worldwide. MY HEART

42. The people who help others:

table full of goodies for USPS workers

43. The kind notes:

note from a restaurant offering free food

44. The perfect gifts:

tweet reading When my son was born, i created an email address for him.
Every achievement and photo taken is sent to that email.

When he is old enough, he will get the password and will have all those memories.

45. The practical jokes:

tweet reading Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic!

46. The hard-hitting, late-breaking news:

A boy just ran up to the live truck and said "Can you report my smile?" Yes, we can Cameron @FOX29philly

Twitter: @daveeitzen

47. And always lend a hand:

48. Remember all the people starting a new journey:

49. And all the adoptions:

50. The A+ reviews:

51. All the creative costumes:

My cousin lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, so he's the part in the movie where Woodie's arm starts to rip 😿😍

Twitter: @gorjess_elyn

52. The Meter Heroes:

53. The jobs finished:

54. The lifelong friendships:

55. The late-night bathroom companions:

56. The profound texts:

57. The POWERFUL masks:

I told my daughter to grab her mask so we can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed.

Twitter: @SunsetSoFresh

58. The brand-new paint jobs:

59. The newly-minted doctors:

My Pops doing his dissertation for his PhD from Howard at 70 years old

Twitter: @UncleRoss_

60. And the well wishes from the past: