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    50 Tweets That Make Me Grin Uncontrollably No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

    Can't. Stop. Smiling.

    If you're having a bad day, just think about...

    1. All the brand-new superheroes:

    tweet about someone's grandpa gettiing bitten by a spider and saying they are too old to be spiderman

    2. All the very important questions:

    tweet of someone asking what if a customer steals our heart at a job orientation

    3. The perfect synonyms:

    tweet reading my bf's first language is french and he forgot the word for lid so instead held up a pot and asked where is his hat

    4. The horse pirates:

    tweet reading someone in my norwegian class didn't know the word for cowboys so called them american horse pirates

    5. The very observant babies:

    6. All the perfect descriptions of love:

    tweet of two kids talking and saying they will fall in love if the girl likes pancakes

    7. All the surprise drive-thru moments:

    wholesome drive thru interaction

    8. All the infamous Chip Days:

    kids ordering virgin pina coladas at a restraunt and tipping a lot

    9. The wonderful friendships:

    tweet reading my grandma's 71 and she told me her and her friend text each other a happy face eery morning to make sure they both woke up

    10. All the very important races:

    tweet about kids racing to see who can hug their mom first

    11. All the beautiful signs of devotion:

    tweet about a kid throwing his phone in a pool to try to get a girl

    12. All the dogs. Like, all of them:

    tweet about dogs always being ready to party no matter the context

    13. All the movie marathons:

    tweet about a little kid who watches wall e over and over because they think its their babysitters favorite movie

    14. All the mysterious dollars:

    tweet about a little kid putting a dollar ini their siblings pocket every day

    15. All the Lemonade Laws:

    tweet about a guy buying lemonade from a kid because the kid did a fake lasso movement

    16. All the very touching friendships:

    tweet about a kid saying someone will be their best friend if they give them ice cream

    17. The amazing memories:

    tweet reading when i was younger i got to my make a wish and got to meet the red sox and years later they still remembered me

    18. The extremely cool cookies:

    My grandad was giving out cookies with his picture on them for his birthday today 😩😂

    Twitter: @MayaDanielleP

    19. All the salon tears:

    20. All the ways to say "thank you":

    21. All the times the universe did a good job:

    22. The extra dairy:

    kid who gets two gallons of milk for free from the store

    23. All the people living their American dreams:

    24. The little extra sun:

    25. The fantastic sayings:

    polish man who says the child must not be an obstacle after asking if a kid will be upset wiith loud noise

    26. The tight-knit families:

    kid who calls the babysitter family

    27. All the very important statistics:

    28. The extra credit:

    If students thoroughly read my online syllabus, they'll find an easter egg to send a picture of an otter for extra credit. I forget that I've done this until I start receiving emails titled "otter lol."

    Twitter: @hancockniki

    29. The meetings of the minds:

    dog and a snail enjoying time together

    30. The calls out of the blue:

    tweet about a person getting a random call from a baby they dont know

    31. The balloon kindness:

    32. The tale of the Pizza King:

    33. Those chance encounters:

    34. All the goldfish rescue crews:

    35. The dads trying their best:

    36. Servers with a sense of humor:

    server making a pun on a plate of dessert

    37. The tiny, little mittens:

    tweet reading Today I found out through Facebook that the overnight security guard at my work knits boots and mittens for premature babies at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He also posts them worldwide. MY HEART

    38. The perfect gifts:

    tweet reading When my son was born, i created an email address for him.
Every achievement and photo taken is sent to that email.

When he is old enough, he will get the password and will have all those memories.

    39. The new types of currency:

    man who gives a girl ice cream iin exchange for a blue rock

    40. The practical jokes:

    tweet reading Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. They look so amazing he decided to take them to his new home, only to discover they are plastic!

    41. Remember all the people starting a new journey:

    42. The fresh new looks:

    tweet of a grandma who wanted to match her couch so she wore a similar colored outfit

    43. The brand-new paint jobs:

    man painting over racist garffiti

    44. All the legendary grocery store moments:

    absolutely losing it over this picture of my brother with his baby

    Twitter: @keri_wtf

    45. The relaxed squirrels:

    a tiny table for squirrels

    46. All the horsin' around:

    older people playing in a restaraunt

    47. The amazing concerts:

    my parents are such goofs they drove out to the backroads so my dad could play the cows the songs he’s been learning on the saxophone pt.1

    Twitter: @erinmherrmann

    48. The deserving award winners:

    dad winning weiner dog of the month

    49. All those beautiful mirrors:

    people taking pictures in mirrors they are selling

    50. And, finally, remember this advice: