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50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

The mems...the mems.

1. Orange tapes. So many orange tapes.

2. Playing cards:

3. Goin' fishin':

4. Keeping everything important to you in this box:

5. Staring at the stars:

6. See-through EVERYTHING:

7. The PAIN of stepping on one of Barbie's combs:

8. Horribly unreliable yet fashionable inflatable furniture:

9. The importance of parachute day:

10. A show that made grocery shopping look fun:

11. "Water go down the hole."

12. Learning what art is all about:

13. Finding your way around town:

14. Sniffin' some crayons:

15. Little gold books on the shelf:

16. The coolest bedroom you've ever seen:

17. The tallest cheese structure ever built, the Leaning Tower of Cheeza:

18. Trying and failing to play one of these:

19. Reading (and touching) this book:

20. Destroying your tongue on these:

21. Walking into a classroom and seeing THE HOLY GRAIL:

22. The sweet smell of jelly sandals:

23. Some hardcore math:

24. Still tearing up over this:

25. Building planes:

26. The best day of the year:

27. The dynamic duo:

28. This piece of magic:

29. Whipping these around your room:

30. The gang:

31. Entering the busy world of Mr. Scarry:

32. Proposing:

33. All-out war:

34. Your pal Bob keeping you company when you were home sick:

35. Winning the cereal jackpot:

36. Waking up in the best way possible:

37. The perfect summer treat:

38. Gum for the business person inside all of us:

39. Knowing this rhyme by heart:

40. The magical combination of wild animals and magazines:

41. This before every movie:

42. The lie that was "anti-skip protection":

43. The other gang:

44. Brownies from another universe:

45. Chatting with a damn robot:

46. Witch hands around Halloween:

47. Or witch hands literally any other time of the year:

48. Taking a long drag off one of these bad boys:

49. The only story that ever mattered:

50. Your main man Pierre Escargot:

And the wise, wise words of Mr. Feeny: