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    50 Pictures That Will Make Every Single Millennial Have An Existential Crisis

    Too real.

    1. On CDs:

    person who doesn't know what burning cds is

    2. On 1985:

    Thought about how Bowling for Soup released “1985” in 2004 so if they did a version today it would be called “2002” and now I’m going to be sick

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    3. On the 1900s:

    One of my students really wrote a sentence that begins, "In the late 1900s.” I had to re-read it three times to realize what the heck was going on. My feelings are hurt.

    Twitter: @sjjphd

    4. On cassettes:

    Twitter: @CynicalMother

    5. On Netflix:

    I explained to my daughter that when Netflix started they used to send you DVDs. 6yr old: (old lady voice) You know, back in my day, the internet used to come in the mail.

    Twitter: @zimmer_donald

    6. On novels:

    Just learned there is a YA book coming out soon in which a teen looks for clues about her birth mother in HER DAD’s LIVEJOURNAL. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt older than in this very moment.

    Twitter: @lmansley

    7. On cords:

    8. On MTV:

    9. On the Creek:

    My teenage daughter just came into the kitchen and said "I'm watching this TV show, it's like a teen drama but it's set in the past". I asked her what it was called and she said "Dawson's Creek". I have been alive a long time.

    Twitter: @DecLawn

    10. On Austin Powers:

    If they made Austin Powers now, he’d be from 1991.

    Twitter: @jayforeman

    11. On VHS:

    my 9 year old sister just asked me what this is... she was shocked when i told her this is how we used to watch movies

    Twitter: @AidenEJK

    12. On aging:

    tweet reading you're not a 90s kid youre a 30 year old man

    13. On 9/11:

    me, in my 9/11 class: So, how did YOU feel, when you heard the news? students: . . . . . Erm.. I was two years old 🤷‍♀️ #IFeelOld #phdlife

    Twitter: @MsOeming

    14. On the years:

    You: 40 years ago-- Me: ah, so 1960 You: No, 1980. Me: no

    Twitter: @oghofer

    15. On TVs:

    I asked my sister's daughter what this is and she said it's a microwave😂😂

    Twitter: @MadyiraWeGutu

    16. On ID:

    17. On Titanic:

    Remember when you had to watch Titanic on two VHS tapes.

    Twitter: @codyrodriguez

    18. On Funniest Home Videos:

    19. On the RUSH:

    20. On pencil sharpeners:

    Asked my four year old niece what this was and she said “soap”

    Twitter: @wyshynski

    21. On rock 'n' roll:

    Absolutely devastated to learn this DAD ROCK album with AVRIL LAVIGNE and SUM 41 is not just a meme but is, in fact, real

    Twitter: @SamMaggs


    Told a group of teens that when I was their age we had to pay 10 cents per text message and now they think I’m a liar

    Twitter: @darryladams_

    23. On CDs:

    24. On hanging up:

    My daughter just asked why we say "hang up" the phone and now I feel 90.

    Twitter: @EnglishJason

    25. On phone books:

    So my kid is so excited about a book that was delivered to our driveway yesterday. “Mom,” he asked incredulously, “Is EVERYBODY’S name in there?” Yep, my 11-year old had never seen a phone book. #ifeelold

    Twitter: @whec_DDewberry

    26. On iPods:

    I gave my old iPod to my son: “Daddy, I don’t like it because it doesn’t work” 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Twitter: @Torcelly

    27. On the 2000 election:

    28. On $20 bills:

    29. On Kool-Aid:

    person who doesn't know what a kool aid top is

    30. On music:

    31. On rooms:

    32. On compliments:

    Tonight at work ID’d a guy and he said ‘alright love I’ll take it as a compliment.’ He was born in 1998

    Twitter: @EmilyHatzar

    33. On emo bands:

    How old your favorite band is turning in 2021 👇 @AllTimeLow - 18 years @blink182 - 29 years @falloutboy - 20 years @GreenDay - 35 years @GoodCharlotte - 25 years @MCRofficial - 20 years @newfoundglory - 24 years @PanicAtTheDisco - 17 years @Sum41 - 25 years

    Twitter: @altpress

    34. On floppies:

    35. On hanging out:

    36. On commercials:

    Watching cable with my eldest son and a commercial comes on. He asked to skip it and I said you can’t skip tv ads. I then told him you have to pay to watch these too and he looked at me like I’m crazy

    Twitter: @Dutch40k

    37. On projectors:

    38. On Neopets:

    39. On NSYNC:

    “bye bye bye” just came on and my 14 year old brother goes “what’s that from? high school musical?” sigh we’ve reached the generation that doesn’t know who *NSYNC is

    Twitter: @ItsSteephh

    40. On hashtags:

    41. On saving:

    Why is the “Save” button on MS Excel represented by the picture of vending machine? (with purchased drink at the bottom) — a question by young Japanese caught a buzz in Japan

    Twitter: @nobi

    42. On Shrek:

    there are children being born whose PARENTS were not alive when Shrek (2001) came out.. Crazy how the years start coming and they simply do not stop coming

    Twitter: @jazz_inmypants

    43. On YouTube:

    If you remember any of these videos from the early years of YouTube, you’re legally entitled to financial compensation

    Twitter: @mauriciony2

    44. On home phones:

    45. LimeWire:

    tweet reading on this day 15 years ago my moms picked up the phone and interrupted a file at 96 percent on napster with a reply that reads can someone explain this tweet to me why it take so long and dafuq is napster

    46. On messages:

    Yesterday at work a girl told me I was old because I emailed people. Today my son called me old because I left a voicemail. 😳😳

    Twitter: @Jessiimaynn

    47. On Twitter:

    yahoo answers question that reads i found a nineties phone with a hashtag button on it i thought twitter invented hashtags

    48. And on the '90s:

    49. Oh lord.

    50. I'm old.