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    40 People (And Animals) Who Are Living The Best Life Ever


    1. This chimp

    2. This dog

    3. This owl

    4. This horse's butt

    5. This kid's older brother

    6. This cat

    And this polar bear

    7. This walrus eating a fruitcake

    8. These three kids

    9. This cat

    10. Anyone that does this

    Or this

    Especially this

    11. These cats

    12. This polar bear that found watermelon

    13. Lil Tee

    14. This pug with pug slippers

    15. Any kid in school that walks into a classroom with this in it

    16. This sassy walrus

    And this sassy starfish

    And also this sassy manta ray

    17. This guy relaxing during a fight

    18. These dogs on swings

    19. This lady

    20. This kid

    21. This peacock

    22. This lady

    23. This dude

    And this little guy

    24. This little girl

    25. This duo

    26. This horse

    27. This bear

    And this elephant

    28. This cat

    29. This sloth

    30. Michael Jackson

    31. This guy who doesn't know how to tell animals from eachother

    32. Anne Sellors

    33. These kids

    34. Ice-T

    35. This kid

    36. These dogs

    37. This baby

    38. These two big nerds

    39. This sleeping cat

    40. And this baby