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    40 People (And Animals) Who Are Living The Best Life Ever


    1. This chimp

    ...dreamed of sticking it to the MAN.

    2. This dog

    ...dreamed of finally discovering the true meaning of cupcakes.

    3. This owl

    ...dreamed of finally just being herself, man.

    4. This horse's butt

    ...dreamed of making the camera focus on what's REALLY important.

    5. This kid's older brother

    ...dreamed of making older brothers all over the world proud.

    6. This cat

    And this polar bear

    ...dreamed of taking the PERFECT MySpace profile pic.

    7. This walrus eating a fruitcake

    ...dreamed of being the only thing in the world that likes fruitcake.

    8. These three kids

    ...dreamed of proving that Harry Potter was, in fact, based on actual events.

    9. This cat

    ...dreamed of exploring the third dimension.

    10. Anyone that does this

    Or this

    Especially this

    ...dreamed of perfecting the fine art of drinking in public.

    11. These cats

    ...dreamed of placing first and second in the 2012 Cat Hide and Go Seek Northeast Regionals.

    12. This polar bear that found watermelon

    ...dreamed of making sure he got in all his major food groups.

    13. Lil Tee

    ...dreamed of knowing that when someone asks you your "street name," you should be honest.

    14. This pug with pug slippers

    ...dreamed of being a fashion GOD.

    15. Any kid in school that walks into a classroom with this in it

    ...dreamed that today would be the best class EVER.

    16. This sassy walrus

    And this sassy starfish

    And also this sassy manta ray

    ...dreamed of just, you know, being fetch.

    17. This guy relaxing during a fight

    ...dreamed of knowing that beer is more important than safety.

    18. These dogs on swings

    ...dreamed of enjoying the finer parts of childhood.

    19. This lady

    ...dreamed of achieving MAXIMUM AFRO.

    20. This kid

    ...dreamed of knowing how grocery shopping should be done.

    21. This peacock

    ...dreamed of being the first bird to ever scare a giraffe.

    22. This lady

    ...dreamed of being way, way more badass than any of us could ever hope to be.

    23. This dude

    And this little guy

    ...dreamed of being so dang cool.

    24. This little girl

    ...dreamed of of having a teacher related to Walter White.

    25. This duo

    ...dreamed of starting the first human-cat hardcore screamo band.

    26. This horse

    ...dreamed of being ridden by Prince Harry and CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

    27. This bear

    And this elephant

    ...dreamed of giving you the proper goodbye.

    28. This cat

    ...dreamed of making PAPER.

    29. This sloth

    ...dreamed of becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college.

    30. Michael Jackson

    ...dreamed of giving us yet another picture I just can't explain

    31. This guy who doesn't know how to tell animals from eachother

    ...dreamed of making lions and bears a whole lot cuter.

    32. Anne Sellors

    ...dreamed of taking the hard hitting, tough, life-changing roles.

    33. These kids

    ...dreamed of becoming a table. I mean, COME ON.

    34. Ice-T

    ...dreamed of being the two things everyone loves.

    35. This kid

    ...dreamed of making concert pictures worthwhile.

    36. These dogs

    ...dreamed of opening a family owned small business.

    37. This baby

    ...dreamed of realizing his mistake the morning after.

    38. These two big nerds

    ...dreamed of finally finding their soulmates.

    39. This sleeping cat

    ...dreamed of having the best dream ever.

    40. And this baby

    Isn't it obvious?

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