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37 Ways To Know You're A 2000's Kid

So, this is a real list that someone actually made. I decided to post it here because, honestly, you guys should know whether or not you're a child of the 2000's. Also, prepare to weep for the youth of today.

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1. You know the "Soulja Boy" by heart

2. You saw all of Adam Sandler's movies even though your parents didn’t approve

3. You know and loved the sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea

4. You went to see see "Avatar" and other movies in digital 3D and thought it was amazing

5. Your main form of communication between friends was texting or IM

6. You were scared after you watched the planes crash on TV on 9/11 and up to this day you're still scared of terrorsists on planes

7. You lied about your age to have a Facebook or Myspace

8. Dora and Diego were your favorite explorers

9. You thought the Simpsons sucked but still saw the movie and liked it

10. You impersonated somebody from "Family Guy" and your friends thought it was hilarious

11. You thought everything was gay

12. You used to sneak around and watch movies like "The Hangover" and found out that you were too young to get the jokes but still laughed

13. You wished you could make a music video on a boat

14. You thought you were beast when you perfected a Lil Wayne song

15. You watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" with your parents

16. You started to listen to Michael Jackson after he died

17. You either had a PS3 or an XBOX but liked XBOX better when 360 came out

18. You bought a Wii and a bunch of games but the "Mario" ones were your favorite

19. You either loved or hated the Jonas Brothers

20. You had a major crush from someone on Disney or Nick

21. You wished you lived on a hotel or cruise ship like Zack and Cody

22. You giggled when you heard songs like "Gives You Hell", "Hollaback Girl", or "Hot In Here"

23. You or someone in your family was obsessed with Sudoku puzzles

24. You loved kid spy shows and movies like "Kim Possible", "Spy Kids", "Agent Cody Banks", and "Phineas and Ferb"

25. You played "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" until your fingers stared cramping

26. You loved Pixar movies like "The Incredibles", "Up!", and "Finding Nemo"

27. You watched "Fred" on YouTube

28. "iCarly" and "The Amanda Show" were the funniest shows ever

29. You were obsessed with Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff

30. You had a DDR mat at your house

31. You loved the Black and Pies [sic] and Fergie

32. Your favorite party anthems were "I Gotta Feeling", "Get This Party Started", and "Good Girls Go Bad"

33. Your whole family knew all of Nickelback's songs

34. You remember being a little kid and listening to Aaron Carter

35. You begged your parents to buy you a membership on Club Penguin

36. Your older sibling used to shoot you with an air-soft or paintball gun

37. You smiled when you read this post

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