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    35 Facts That Are Both Extremely Useless And Extremely Mind-Blowing

    "Boom" - your mind.

    1. If you count from 1 to 1,000,000 your lips won't touch until you reach 1,000,000.

    Stuart Ashley / Getty Images

    2. Try to breathe and swallow at the same time. You can't.

    Oscar Wong / Getty Images

    3. It's also impossible to hum while holding your nose.

    Piotr Marcinski / Getty Images

    4. Every US state shares a letter with the word "mackerel" except for Ohio.

    Gguy44 / Getty Images

    5. The longest word you can type on the top row of your keyboard is "typewriter".

    Nattawut Lakjit / Getty Images

    6. You can't stand backwards on stairs:

    saw a tweet tht said u can’t stand backwards on stairs nd now it’s all I can think about

    Twitter: @WatkinsonKelsey

    7. Every Froot Loop tastes the same. The color doesn't matter.

    Northstar203 / Getty Images

    8. If you put your finger in your ear and scratch, it sounds just like Pac-Man.

    Northstar203 / Getty Images

    9. The letter 'A' is not in any number from 1 to 999.

    Graham Montanari / Getty Images

    10. And every odd number has an "E":

    11. There's only one word in the English language that ends in "mt". That word is "dreamt".

    Adene Sanchez / Getty Images

    12. The "ueue" in "queue" is silent.

    Gemenacom / Getty Images

    13. And so is the "ea" in "tea."

    Taa22 / Getty Images

    14. If you could fold a piece of paper in half 42 times, it would reach to the moon.

    Geolee / Getty Images

    15. The toy Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

    Lawrence Lucier / Getty Images

    16. Woody from Toy Story has a full name too — it's Woody Pride.

    Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

    17. And while we're at it, Mr. Clean's full name is Veritably Clean.

    Sporting News Archive / Getty Images

    18. Oh, and Cookie Monster's real name is Sid.

    Brian Killian / WireImage

    19. Not once in the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme does it mention that he's an egg.

    Heritage Images / Getty Images

    20. The number "69" comes up a lot over the course of the first million digits of Pi. 9,885 times, to be exact.

    Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

    21. Octopus blood is blue because it's copper-based in contrast to a human's iron-based blood.

    Hal Beral / Getty Images

    22. These two basically mean the same thing:

    23. Coconuts kill more people than sharks every year. Same with cows.

    Dmitrii Guldin / Getty Images

    24. Every 'C' in Pacific Ocean is unique:

    Every "C" in Pacific ocean is pronounced differently

    Twitter: @saraki_n

    25. If you say "Jesus" backwards it sounds like "sausage."

    Daniela Simona Temneanu / Getty Images

    26. "umop apisdn" is "upside down" spelled upside down with different letters of the alphabet.

    Jasmin Merdan / Getty Images

    27. There have been studies that show that goats, like us, have accents.

    Tom And Steve / Getty Images

    28. Orange, the color, was named after orange, the fruit.

    Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

    29. "Will Will Smith smith?" and "Will Smith will smith" are sentences that make complete sense.

    Nbc / Getty Images

    30. When you add up the opposite sides of a die (2 and 5, 1 and 6) you'll always get seven.

    Ktsdesign / Getty Images

    31. Mount Everest is 29,032 feet long, or, if you prefer, about 46452 #2 pencils long.

    John Harper / Getty Images

    32. The lint that collects in the bottom of your pockets has a name — gnurr.

    Aaron Wilson / Getty Images

    33. "Eleven Plus Two" is an anagram of "Twelve Plus One". Both phrases also add up to 13.

    Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

    34. Beethoven and George Washington were alive at the same time — in fact, George Washington was in his forties when Beethoven was born.

    Smith Collection / Getty Images

    35. And, finally, the world is just a big ol' cat playing with Australia:

    flat-earther: [opens mouth] me: did you know the world is actually just a cat playing with Australia??

    Twitter: @tear_xenon

    Ain't that somethin'.

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