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35 Pictures That Will Make Everyone Born Before 1999 Say "Dang, I Completely Forgot"

It's all comin' back to me.

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1. That October smell:

2. Doodle Bear, in all its glory:

3. Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

4. Winning free sodas just by looking under the cap:

5. Delicious star shaped toothpaste:


6. The original super badass logo for Cherry Coke:

Coca Cola

7. Stick Stickly:


"Write to me: Stick Stickly, PO Box 963, New York City, New York State, 10108."

8. The legend of the eraser:

9. The world's tiniest gum:

10. This commercial running every 5 minutes on Nickelodeon:

Zoo Books

11. Desperately wanting to get on Slime Time Live:


12. This screen right before your VHS got to the main feature:

13. The very important difference between these two water fountains:

14. The green volume display on old TVs:

15. Those big uncomfortable scissors in every art class:

16. Putting your chair like this after a long day at school:

17. KB Toys, in all its glory:

18. Those glittery sand lizards that just kind of showed up:

19. Breaking these pens for no reason:

20. Writing fake names on a library check-out form:

21. Action League Now:


22. Medicine that tasted better than candy, honestly:

23. Gum inexplicably shaped like band-aids:

24. All the cartoons that had this (kinda funny) logo come up:


25. Everyone having a laser pointer for no reason for like two years:

26. Those big cardboard blocks:

27. Those batteries that let you see how much juice was left after sacrificing your fingers:


28. Robot dogs... FROM THE FUTURE:

29. The old, very professional Comedy Central logo:

Comedy Central

30. Those dinosaur hand puppets and that distinct hand puppet smell:

31. Burning your arm on these on a hot, hot day:

32. Those big tubes of water that existed for some reason:

33. The bingo chips you used for every game in elementary school:

34. Delicious, delicious animal crackers that definitely tasted way better because they were in a box:

35. And Cingular Wireless:


Never forget.

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