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35 Animals That Desperately Need Your Help


1. This dramatic cat

...needs help recreating the final scene from "Titanic."

2. This penguin

...needs help quitting carbs.

3. This giraffe

...needs help proving that his tongue really is blue.

4. This dog that just got hit in the groin with a tennis ball

...needs help now, more than ever.

5. This cat stuck in a lamp

...needs help making her lightbulb cosplay.

6. This dog

...needs help turning off his fan.

7. This owl

...needs help in remembering to take her medication.

8. This guinea pig

...needs help in learning how not to be a giant poseur.

9. This dog

...just needs some spare change.

10. This polar bear wearing a traffic cone

...needs help figuring out this years hottest fashion trends.

11. This dog in a swing

...just seriously needs help getting out of there.

12. This panda going down a slide

...needs help giving it another go.

13. This otter

...needs help in stopping people from thinking he's Tracy Morgan.

14. This embarrassed walrus

...needs help with his public speaking.

15. This toad that ate a golf ball

...needs help in scoring par.

16. This little gorilla

...needs help in sneaking away from his overprotective mom.

17. Batcat

...needs help being the hero your house deserves.

18. This dog going for a "walk"

...needs help in redefining "walk" as "nap."

19. This brave squirrel

...needs help finishing the job he started.

20. This goose that had too much to drink

...needs help in remembering last night.

21. This dog celebrating his birthday

...needs a different kind of "help." I think you know what I mean.

22. This pug going down a slide

...needs help making choices he will not immediately regret.

23. This fox

...needs help in landing a double backflip.

24. This cat so, so comfortable but has to pee.

25. This cat that looks like a soccer ball

...needs help in staying away from all parks, and Europe.

26. This optimistic goose

...needs help finding something a little more her size.

27. This pensive sloth

...needs help figuring out life's greatest mysteries.

28. This miserable dog

...needs help getting out of there FAST.

29. This opossum that had too many pastries

...needs help reminding himself that pastries are for desert, NOT dinner.

30. This dog

...needs a crash course in how fences work.

31. This backseat driver

...needs help to reminding the driver that the speedlimit is 35 NOT 45.

32. This photobombing fish

...needs help learning not to be so vain.

33. This skyping cat

...needs help figuring out if nows the right time to hang up.

34. This cat terrorizing a doll house

...needs help in plotting something bigger... and more dangerous.

35. This horse wearing jeans

...doesn't need help with anything. He's wearing jeans. WHAT ELSE COULD HE NEED.