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35 Animals That Desperately Need Your Help


1. This dramatic cat

2. This penguin

3. This giraffe

4. This dog that just got hit in the groin with a tennis ball

5. This cat stuck in a lamp

6. This dog

7. This owl

8. This guinea pig

9. This dog

10. This polar bear wearing a traffic cone

11. This dog in a swing

12. This panda going down a slide

13. This otter

14. This embarrassed walrus

15. This toad that ate a golf ball

16. This little gorilla

17. Batcat

18. This dog going for a "walk"

19. This brave squirrel

20. This goose that had too much to drink

21. This dog celebrating his birthday

22. This pug going down a slide

23. This fox

24. This cat

25. This cat that looks like a soccer ball

26. This optimistic goose

27. This pensive sloth

28. This miserable dog

29. This opossum that had too many pastries

30. This dog

31. This backseat driver

32. This photobombing fish

33. This skyping cat

34. This cat terrorizing a doll house

35. This horse wearing jeans