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33 Tumblr Posts From 2016 That Will Make You Laugh Way Too Hard

Fantastic year for the 'blr.

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1. Meow:

2. The most intense game show of all time:

3. Grant's blessing:

4. Specific noises:

5. A meeting of the minds:

6. Terrible thesauruses:

7. Microsoft Word struggles:

8. Job interviews:

9. Homophobic power outages:

10. The most amazing thing:

11. The range of Kevin Spacey:

12. Believer:

13. Darth Vader's kinks:

14. Romantic Disney movies:

15. The ISIS defeater:

16. The perfect cooking show:


18. Things that turn you on:

19. The founding of Spain:

20. The contract of names:

21. The wildest string of texts:

22. Life goals:

23. It's all in the arms:

24. Milkshakes 'n' racism:

25. Rubbin' sinks:

26. The pizza chronicles:

27. The perfect picture:

28. Alien tardiness:

29. Centaur nips:


31. Spooky goings-on:

32. Important garbage disposal questions:

33. And the most annoying man in the world:

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