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32 Pictures That Make Me Cry Laughing No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

These are amazing.

1. A quick photo:

person asking for a photo of an item for sale and the seller sends a picture of themselves

2. Larry's wheeling and dealing:

guy trying to buy a truck but when asked if they are interested they say no

3. Joan's warning:

someone saying only 6-8 weeks until something then someone asks until what and they say don't know

4. The going rates:

joke about pie prices in the bahamas where the punchline iis these are the pie rates of the Caribbean

5. Tons of moans:

quora post about sexual moans and a bunch of exagerrated answers

6. The finest dish:

tweet of someone ordering the red lobster at red lobster

7. The deal of a lifetime:

person tryiing to sell a lawn mower for 20 thousand

8. The fastest to ever do it:

the fastest boat in the world named steve

9. A true New York moment:

tumblr post about new yorkers saying burger as boiga

10. The best pickup line:

text reading damn girl are you a construction worker because you are a building

11. A small part of the spectrum:

question reading what is your gender male female or i have no plans to purchase a new vehicle

12. Grandma's tricks:

text from grandma reading your car is on fire april foul

13. Donna's search:

donna searching applebees for someone named jason but it tturns out tthey're in a chilis

14. An intimate conversation with Tony:

someone texting tony hawk and he just responds skamteboard

15. Debbie's search:

someone named debbie looking for their kid in target but it turns out they don't have a son

16. Harry's error:

someone asking why harry potter didnt just use liquid luck to kill voldemorrt and someone says because he is a dumbass

17. Images that make you feel something:

deep fried boiled eggs with the caption this made me fart

18. Important updates:

survey asking for updates on beef stroganoff

19. Psychedelic breakthroughs:

someone looking at their hand on lsd

20. Grandma's hello:

grandma replying to an awkward facebook post

21. Destiny's answer:

twitter asking what's the game that describes you and the offiicial destiny 2 account replieis destiiny 2

22. The perfect review:

someone reviiewing the movie shrek by just saying gotta love shriek

23. Wild freezers:

sign on a freezer reading this freezer is out of control

24. The only way to know:

google search for how old is a tree and it reads if you know when a tree was planted you can easily and accurately determine its age

25. A meeting of the minds:

a guy saying he stubbed his toe in youtube comments

26. The perfect sign:

burned out sign reading FART

27. An important distinction:

question asking if raccoons and cats can be friends that says yes, but tthey can also be enemies

28. The scariest movie:

knockoff alien shirt

29. The ultimate rhyme:

someone saying what rhymes with orange and the other person goes no it does not

30. The perfect gift:

beans in a game boy

31. The question on everyone's tongue:

someone sayiing i'm adopted feel free to ask me questions and someone responds what is the capital of ecuador

32. And finally: