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28 Things Everyone Has Done But Would Never Admit

We all do 'em.

1. Tried to squeeze those hours in:

2. The ol' switcheroo:

3. Had this life-altering moment:

4. Had a change panic attack:

5. Said "sure!"

6. Taken clear noses for granted:

7. Just gobbled it down:

8. Lost track of the decade:


10. Acted a little too natural:

11. That laugh:

12. The ol' turnaround:

13. Been betrayed:

14. Starred in your video:

15. The upside-down plate trick:

16. Became a fry bandit:

17. Acted the role of a lifetime:

18. Wed-nes-done this:

19. Applied something a little too literally:

20. Restarted everything:

21. Done some calculations:

22. Thought a little TOO much:

23. The phone call olympics:

24. Had second thoughts:

25. Experienced shower regret:

26. Done "the face":

27. Had this conversation with themselves:

28. And, of course, this to pretty much every joke: