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28 Pictures That Prove Humans Are Not Meant To Last

We are not made for this planet.

1. We think we can use ladders like this:

2. And umbrellas like this:


3. Not to mention the fact that we're unfit to reproduce:


4. And the fact that people are eating Styrofoam:


5. Grown-ass men are getting stuck in places:

6. People think music can be UPSIDE DOWN:

7. People think this is a possibility:

8. And that veterinarians hate chickens:

9. People think this is OK to get tattooed:

10. We can't even nurture a plant:

11. People are getting TRAPPED:


12. And no one knows how technology works:

13. NO ONE:

14. No one knows their history:

15. No one can follow the rules:

16. People think this is a possibility:

Via Yahoo Answers

17. People like this can vote:


18. People are drinking bidet water:

19. And everyone is afraid of HTML:

20. People want inventions like this:

Via Twitter

21. Or like this:

22. OR THIS:

23. People think summer is a month:

24. People can't take care of their money:

25. People can't take care of their bodies:

26. And people think this is a possibility:


I mean, we're just not meant to last:

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