27 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You're An Old-School Internet User

    Back when the internet wasn't just people arguing all day long.

    1. How you knew it was time to get down to business:

    2. The struggle to find the right program:

    3. Coming up with the perfect away message:

    4. Or picking from the ORIGINAL emojis:

    5. Or just perfecting your profile:

    6. And then saying swear words to Smarterchild:

    7. Showing the world who your REAL friends are:

    8. Giving a little too much information in one of these surveys:

    9. And dreaming of someday hitting the damn jackpot:

    10. Then maybe spending all day on Neopets...

    On AlbinoBlacksheep...

    11. Making dolls...

    Watching some Salad Fingers or playing some games on Newgrounds...

    12. Writing about your life that no one cares about...

    Watching some Homestar Runner...

    13. And for some reason seeing this, like, everwhere:

    14. Or maybe spending a little time on that brand-new site YouTube:

    15. Getting scared to death by this video:

    Or tricked by this damn maze:

    16. And then having to play a little helicopter to calm down:

    17. Downloading BADBOYS - BOB MARLEY.EXE on LimeWire:

    18. And waiting forever for it or whatever you wanted to see to download:

    19. And then listening to it on Windows Media Player and staring at those sweet shapes:

    20. Or maybe WinAmp was more your speed:

    21. Losing your connection to the internet:

    22. And either playing solitaire:

    23. Minesweeper:

    24. Or the holy grail: PINBALL.

    25. Accidentally clicking on a popup:

    26. And ending up with some virus like this fellah here:

    27. And seeing this screen, knowing you had to just start all over again: