26 Pictures That Prove The Selfie Has Gone Way Too Far

    We've reached peak selfie.

    With the creation of the Selfie Hat...

    And the Selfie Brush...

    It looks as if the selfie has finally gone way, way too far.

    But you should know that already happened long, long ago. Just look at...

    1. The Car Crash Selfie:

    2. The Kayak Selfie:

    3. The PB&J Selfie:

    4. The "Going to the Hospital" Selfie:

    5. The Helicopter Selfie:

    6. The "Thought You Were Dead" Selfie:

    7. The Just Drinkin' Some Water Selfie:

    8. The Miracle of Life Selfie:

    9. The Up Close and Personal Selfie:

    10. The Funeral Selfie:

    11. The Quick Shave Selfie:

    12. The "You Actually Moved Your Oven Into Your Dang Bathroom" Selfie:

    13. The Squirrel Attack Selfie:

    14. The Prosthetic Arm Selfie:

    15. The Bedtime Selfie:

    16. The Wrong Number Grandma Selfie:

    17. The Perfect Vacation Selfie:

    18. The #Stabbed Selfie:

    19. The Romantic Dinner Selfie:

    20. The BBQ Selfie:

    21. The "This Traffic Ugh" Selfie:

    22. The Train Selfie:

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    23. The School ID Selfie:

    24. The Traffic Cop Selfie:

    25. The Sink Ramen Selfie:

    26. And, of course, the ultimate warning sign: The Random Uncle Selfie: