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26 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Teachers Going Back To School


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1. At first there was the horrible realization:

2. And the dreaded setting of the alarms:

3. And then your mood the last few days of summer:

4. And now it's time for the transformation to begin:

5. And for the kids' transformation to begin:

6. You were told this all summer:

7. Even though you know the truth:

8. I mean...

9. And you know you're about to add about 15 years to yourself:

10. It's time for school supplies:

11. For desk disasters:

12. Time for lesson plans:

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13. For all these expressions:

14. And for passing out at 7 PM:

15. But mostly it's time for all of these:

16. The year will be full of this look:

17. This feeling:

18. And, of course, THIS kid:

19. So get ready to pull up:

20. Ready for that one kid to somehow not bring a pencil:

21. Or write their name:

22. Ready to have a nice relaxing lunch:

The Essentialist Project Manager - Doing it Right #pmot #essentialism

23. Ready to become an amateur doctor:

24. Ready to pack enough for a trip around the world every day:

25. Ready to hear from the new teachers:

26. And ready to get TEACHER TIRED:


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