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24 Pictures That Prove That Not Everything Was Terrible In 2014

Through the seemingly endless amount of garbage, there is some good.

Not everything was absolutely atrocious in 2014. Just look at these pictures of...

1. The people who put others above themselves:

2. The people who went out of their way for those in need:

3. The people who surprised others in unlikely places:

4. The people who helped others in their time of need:

5. The people who showed others they're not so different:

Arrived in beautiful Adelaide to meet this little superstar. #adelaide #australia #treachercollins #lovinglife

6. The people who helped others to better themselves:

7. The people who put on whatever uniform was asked of them:

Kristoff, Anna, Sven, Hans, Olaf & Elsa ready to visit the kids @BostonChildrens !

8. The people who stood up for their friends when they needed them:

9. The people who took the time to learn to love again:

10. The people who donated and gave to others they don't even know:

11. People who gave everything they had for nothing in return:

12. People who offered their time to help someone in need:

This note is at Foyles on the South Bank. Please do RT it

13. People who gave money to help keep our most important buildings open:

It's #Fribrary ! Post something awesome from/at/with your library this week! A storytime during ad-hoc school on Tue.

14. The people who put their lives on the line for those they cared about:

This #Ebola fighter is coming to the U.S. to get her nursing degree and she needs your help: http://t.co/LI8lhbz4VV

15. People, however young, who tried to make the world a better place:

16. The people who participated in the Joe DiMaggio of coffee streaks:

More than 330 customers 'pay it forward' today at a St. Petersburg #Starbucks. http://t.co/nWmyhPU2BQ

17. The people who worked to keep us healthy:

My favorite story of the year on @thatkevenguy @UWMadison http://t.co/Q818WSBM1d

18. The people who gave these animals a new home:

19. The people who did everything they could to help save others:

20. The people who got to live their dream:

21. The people who helped each other achieve their goals, whatever they might be:

Via VIDEO: Brazilian kids learn to speak English by talking to lonely Chicago senior citizens t.co Twitter: @pic.twitter.com/qGJekMqx7

22. The people who cared for those in need who most of us don't even think about:

23. The people who put aside money for well-being:

24. And the people who used their money and fame for good:

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