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26 Hilarious Conversations Obama And Biden Definitely Had This Year

These are all totally real.

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1. Classic jokes:

2. Home Alone:

Biden: Ok here's the plan: have you seen Home Alone Obama: Joe, no Biden: Just one booby trap Obama: Joe

3. Pixar in real life:

Biden: I feel like we should do something for him. He seems lonely. Obama: For the last time, Joe. Bernie Sanders…


Obama: Excuse me waiter, can we change the toy from the kids meal? Biden: *whispers* not the purple one Obama: NO…

5. Hide-'n'-go Biden:

Biden: Oh boy, his car is here, quick let's all hide Obama: Joe pls

6. The new Joe:

Obama: Joe... Biden: I don't want to hear it, Barack. This is who I am now.

7. Laser pens:

Obama: *whispers* put the laser pointer away or give it to me

8. Tiny hands:

Obama: Did you replace all the toiletries with travel size bottles? Biden: He's got tiny hands Barack, I want him t…

9. Night Hawk:

Secretary: Mr Biden? Biden:.... Secretary: *Sigh*... Night Hawk Biden: What is it Martha?

10. Joe's vacation:

Biden: and this is when we went zip lining. Michelle said I was brave. I was scared tho

11. Sandwiches:

Joe: I'm going to ask Donald if he wants something to eat Barack: That's nice, Joe Joe: And then I'm going to offer…

12. Biden vs. Biden:

Biden: I'll be fine living on my own. I don't need Barack. Biden to Biden: Tell him your pregnant with his child.

13. Whoopee cushions:

Biden: can i put whoopee cushions under all the chairs before he gets here Obama: joe im on the phone Biden:*mutt…

14. Pens:

Joe: I hid all the pens from Trump Obama: Why? Joe: Because he bringing his own. Obama: ??? Joe: HE'S BRINGING HIS…

15. Joe calls 911:

16. Horcruxes:

Biden: I'm gonna throw his wig into the fireplace. Obama: Joe, don't. Biden: One horcrux down, 6 to go.

17. Powdering noses:

Biden: *whispers* I left a bag of Cheetos in the bathroom. Obama: Why? Biden: in case he needs to powder his nos…

18. January 21st:

Obama: Check pl- Biden: Actually, we'll take five more milkshakes and you can bill the White House on January 21st

19. How to defeat ISIS:

Obama: any good ideas in how to defeat isis? *Biden raises hand* Obama: besides assembling the Avengers? *Biden…

20. Lego dumps:

Joe: Okay so we sneak in one night around February, steal his shoes Obama: Joe Joe: And then dump legos all over th…

21. Battery problems:

Joe: "What if we take batteries out of all of the remotes before we leave" Barack:" Joe we can't-" Joe: "Or we co…

22. Leo and Barack:

If you could just tell Joe that Inception wasn't a documentary I think we could all get some sleep tonight.

23. Wi-Fi password:

Biden: I'm not giving them the wifi password Obama: Joe... Biden: I said what I said

24. Roll with it:

Obama: "Joe, why are you still holding my hand?" Biden: "I wanna freak Mike Pence out" Obama: "But why?" Biden: "J…

25. Ice Cream Joe:

Biden: Like heck am I leaving him any ice cream, Barack here take a cone Obama: Joe you know I'm lactose into- Bid…

26. And bros for life:

Obama:tell the world were bros Biden:*whispers* were bros Obama:bro why'd u whisper Biden:ur my world bro Obama:bro

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