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Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 21, 2011

25 Things Kids Today Will Never Have

It's so weird, but kids these days will never experience any of these things. Well, it sucks to be these guys.

  • 1. These drinks

    These drinks

    I'm getting thirsty.

  • 2. Rewinding a tape

    Rewinding a tape

    And then messing the tape up completely.

  • 3. Prank calling people

    Prank calling people

    And not worrying about getting arrested for harassment.

  • 4. Blowing on a cartridge

    Blowing on a cartridge

    Everyone has their own special way.

  • 5. Writing in cursive

    Writing in cursive

    Especially since it's not being taught in schools anymore.

  • 6. Dodgeball


    What's not fun about being hit in the face with a ball?

  • 7. Making a mix tape

    Making a mix tape

    Recording songs off the radio, DJ intro and all.

  • 8. Good cartoons

    Good cartoons

    Is Nickelodeon bringing back some shows at Midnight enough? I say NO!

  • 9. Arcades



  • 10. Unsafe toys

    Unsafe toys

    Toys are so much better when you can get seriously injured using them.

  • 11. Music on MTV

    Music on MTV

    Before reality TV... there was music.

  • 12. Using a phonebook

    Using a phonebook

    When you have your name in the phonebook you ARE somebody.

  • 13. The dial-up sound

    Music to my ears.

  • 14. Not knowing who is calling

    Not knowing who is calling

    Before Caller ID ruined everything. Also, before payphones disappeared.

  • 15. Using film

    Using film

    RIP cool pictures.

  • 16. Actually needing a watch

    Actually needing a watch

    Now it's more a fashion thing.

  • 17. Changing the channel

    Changing the channel

    Standing up? Screw that.

  • 18. Making your first website on Geocities

    Making your first website on Geocities

    And also MIDI music. And Creed. So good.

  • 19. Actually memorizing a phone number

    Actually memorizing a phone number

    I still remember my friend's house phone numbers from years ago.

  • 20. Going out and being off the grid

    Going out and being off the grid

    Remember when your parents had no idea where you were? Not anymore.

  • 21. Flip phones

    Flip phones

    Quickly becoming a thing of the past. RIP RAZR PHONE.

  • 22. Kazaa/Napster/Morpheus/Limewire


    So many mislabeled songs, so many 5 hour downloads.

  • 23. The Walkman

    The Walkman

    Or any other music listening device that didn't hold every song you have.

  • 24. These snack foods

    These snack foods

    And so much more. My mouth is watering.

  • 25. Fixing a casette tape with a pencil

    Fixing a casette tape with a pencil

    The most fun you can have with a pencil, right? (source)

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