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25 Things Kids Today Will Never Have

It's so weird, but kids these days will never experience any of these things. Well, it sucks to be these guys.

  • 1. These drinks

    These drinks

    I'm getting thirsty.

  • 2. Rewinding a tape

    Rewinding a tape

    And then messing the tape up completely.

  • 3. Prank calling people

    Prank calling people

    And not worrying about getting arrested for harassment.

  • 4. Blowing on a cartridge

    Blowing on a cartridge

    Everyone has their own special way.

  • 5. Writing in cursive

    Writing in cursive

    Especially since it's not being taught in schools anymore.

  • 6. Dodgeball


    What's not fun about being hit in the face with a ball?

  • 7. Making a mix tape

    Making a mix tape

    Recording songs off the radio, DJ intro and all.

  • 8. Good cartoons

    Good cartoons

    Is Nickelodeon bringing back some shows at Midnight enough? I say NO!

  • 9. Arcades



  • 10. Unsafe toys

    Unsafe toys

    Toys are so much better when you can get seriously injured using them.

  • 11. Music on MTV

    Music on MTV

    Before reality TV... there was music.

  • 12. Using a phonebook

    Using a phonebook

    When you have your name in the phonebook you ARE somebody.

  • 13. The dial-up sound

    Music to my ears.

  • 14. Not knowing who is calling

    Not knowing who is calling

    Before Caller ID ruined everything. Also, before payphones disappeared.

  • 15. Using film

    Using film

    RIP cool pictures.

  • 16. Actually needing a watch

    Actually needing a watch

    Now it's more a fashion thing.

  • 17. Changing the channel

    Changing the channel

    Standing up? Screw that.

  • 18. Making your first website on Geocities

    Making your first website on Geocities

    And also MIDI music. And Creed. So good.

  • 19. Actually memorizing a phone number

    Actually memorizing a phone number

    I still remember my friend's house phone numbers from years ago.

  • 20. Going out and being off the grid

    Going out and being off the grid

    Remember when your parents had no idea where you were? Not anymore.

  • 21. Flip phones

    Flip phones

    Quickly becoming a thing of the past. RIP RAZR PHONE.

  • 22. Kazaa/Napster/Morpheus/Limewire


    So many mislabeled songs, so many 5 hour downloads.

  • 23. The Walkman

    The Walkman

    Or any other music listening device that didn't hold every song you have.

  • 24. These snack foods

    These snack foods

    And so much more. My mouth is watering.

  • 25. Fixing a casette tape with a pencil

    Fixing a casette tape with a pencil

    The most fun you can have with a pencil, right? (source)