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25 Celebrities Who Had Horrible Jobs Before They Were Famous

Hey, they may be famous now, but back in the day they had to work terrible jobs like the rest of us. Usually much worse. Here's a list of some of the worst jobs these wealthy, wealthy people ever had.

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  • 1. Brad Pitt

    Danced around in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant.

  • 2. Rod Stewart

    Worked as a gravedigger.

  • 3. Johnny Depp

    Sold pens by phone.

  • 4. Christopher Walken

    Walken was a lion tamer at a circus. Awesome.

  • 5. Cory Monteith

    Worked as a Walmart greeter.

  • 6. Sean Connery

    Worked as a milkman.

  • 7. Jon Hamm

    Worked as a set designer for porn sets as well as a high school drama teacher.

  • 8. Whoopie Goldberg

    Put makeup on corpses at a mortuary.

  • 9. Tim Allen

    Allen was actually a prisoner. He served two years behind bars for selling cocaine.

  • 10. Alec Baldwin

    Bouncer. I can definitely see it.

  • 11. Orlando Bloom

    Clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range.

  • 12. Ray Romano

    Worked as a bank teller.

  • 13. Hugh Jackman

    Jackman was a clown. No seriously, a clown.

  • 14. Ozzy Osbourne

    Worked in a slaughterhouse. NOW it all makes sense.

  • 15. Patrick Dempsey

    Dempsey was a successful juggler, one time tying for second place in a national competition.

  • 16. Harrison Ford

    Ford, like Jesus, worked as a carpenter.

  • 17. Danny Devito

    Danny Devito used to cut hair. I don't get it.

  • 18. Eva Mendes

    Sold hot dogs at a mall.

  • 19. Sylvester Stallone

    ANOTHER lion tamer!

  • 20. Amy Adams

    Worked at a hooters.

  • 21. Rick Ross

    Ironically enough, Ross worked as a corrections officer before he hit the bigtime.

  • 22. Madonna

    Worked at Dunkin Donuts.

  • 23. Robin Williams

    Street mime.

  • 24. Kanye West

    Used to work at the Gap.

  • 25. Matthew McConaughey

    Cleaned out chicken coops.