• 1. Brad Pitt

    Danced around in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant.

  • 2. Rod Stewart

    Worked as a gravedigger.

  • 3. Johnny Depp

    Sold pens by phone.

  • 4. Christopher Walken

    Walken was a lion tamer at a circus. Awesome.

  • 5. Cory Monteith

    Worked as a Walmart greeter.

  • 6. Sean Connery

    Worked as a milkman.

  • 7. Jon Hamm

    Worked as a set designer for porn sets as well as a high school drama teacher.

  • 8. Whoopie Goldberg

    Put makeup on corpses at a mortuary.

  • 9. Tim Allen

    Allen was actually a prisoner. He served two years behind bars for selling cocaine.

  • 10. Alec Baldwin

    Bouncer. I can definitely see it.

  • 11. Orlando Bloom

    Clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range.

  • 12. Ray Romano

    Worked as a bank teller.

  • 13. Hugh Jackman

    Jackman was a clown. No seriously, a clown.

  • 14. Ozzy Osbourne

    Worked in a slaughterhouse. NOW it all makes sense.

  • 15. Patrick Dempsey

    Dempsey was a successful juggler, one time tying for second place in a national competition.

  • 16. Harrison Ford

    Ford, like Jesus, worked as a carpenter.

  • 17. Danny Devito

    Danny Devito used to cut hair. I don’t get it.

  • 18. Eva Mendes

    Sold hot dogs at a mall.

  • 19. Sylvester Stallone

    ANOTHER lion tamer!

  • 20. Amy Adams

    Worked at a hooters.

  • 21. Rick Ross

    Ironically enough, Ross worked as a corrections officer before he hit the bigtime.

  • 22. Madonna

    Worked at Dunkin Donuts.

  • 23. Robin Williams

    Street mime.

  • 24. Kanye West

    Used to work at the Gap.

  • 25. Matthew McConaughey

    Cleaned out chicken coops.