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24 Pictures That Will Make You Say "That Is Genius"


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1. Here's how to change the frozen-pizza game forever:

2. And how to never have ice on your cream again:

3. And how to never cry at the end of a jar again:

4. Here's the right way to use chopsticks:

5. And the right way to eat Cheetos:

6. While we're at it, here's how to optimize your PB&J:

7. And how to change the cookie game:

8. And how to pour juice and not get it all over your kitchen:

9. Here's how you can microwave two things at once, which is obviously VERY IMPORTANT:

10. And if you're not using a straw to get that butter to the bottom you're insane:

11. And you're even crazier if you're not cutting cupcakes in half and making a sandwich:

12. Use this Oreo trick to forever change the game:


14. Here's a foolproof way to tell if an avocado is ripe:

15. And how to peel a mango like a pro:

16. While we're at it — here's how to open a difficult pistachio:

17. How to use a cheese grater to grate your butter if it's too hard:

18. And how to never lose that straw again:

19. Fork your tacos to stand them up:

20. And use a rubber band to never have trouble with a take-out container again:

21. Strain that dust right out of the cereal:

22. Pronounce that sacred nutty treat correctly:

23. And remember that the numbers are MINUTES:

24. Oh, and here's why candy corn is the way it is:

And if none of that seems helpful, look at this and change the wine game forever:

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