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24 Parents Who Have Finally Reached Peak Parent

The top of the parent mountain.

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1. This dad who got his daughter the perfect gift:

2. This amateur firefighter:

3. This parent with the most delicious treat of all:

4. The creator of the most effective form of birth control:

5. Dad Minion and son:

6. The one parent you don't want to meet on the road:

7. The master brewing mom:

8. This mom who has her priorities straight:

9. The Mean Girl mom:

10. The dad who made his kid's dream come true:

11. Mr. Freeze:

12. Whoever gave out this award:


13. This very generous parent:


14. This evil genius:

15. Whoever gave away this beautiful card:

16. The dad who has all he needs in one folder:

17. The most dad-looking dad ever:

18. This very generous dad:

19. The dad that gave out this parking ticket:

20. The inventor of this foolproof security system:

21. The parents of this dork:

22. The parents that let their dog have what was rightfully his:

23. The dad who mastered the selfie stick:

24. And, of course, lightly fried fish filet Dad:

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