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23 Things From Your Childhood That Basically Almost Killed You

Just looking at them hurts.

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1. Stepping on a Lego:

2. Stepping on a Barbie comb:

3. Breaking your ankle on a Pogo Ball:

4. Swinging a scooter into your ankle with the force of a thousand scoots:

5. Squashing your fingers in gym class with one of these:

6. Stepping on one of these blocks:

7. Busting your ankles for life by using these Moon Shoes:

8. Crunching one of these beneath your feet:

9. Running through your grandma's house and getting your foot caught on this:

10. Tearing apart your gums with fake vampire teeth:

11. Ruining your ankle with a Skip-It:

13. Getting pelted in the dome with a fresh ball o' Koosh:

14. Burning the shit out of your hand on a Creepy Crawler or Easy-Bake Oven:

15. Stabbing your foot with a jack:

16. Trying and failing to check how much power is left in one of these and destroying your fingers in the process:

17. Inhaling noxious fumes trying to blow a bubble:

18. Losing all your taste buds to a sour, sour Altoid:

19. Stepping on a die:

20. Getting your hair caught in a Discovery Zone slide:

21. Walking around and getting one of these pieces jammed into your foot:

22. Stepping on top of an Army man:

23. And cutting up the inside of your mouth just trying to enjoy a freeze pop:

Pain and pleasure.

Pain and pleasure.

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