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23 Reasons Why Today Is Going To Be The Best Day Ever


1. Because you'll meet new people:

2. And make friendships that will last a lifetime:

3. And you'll try new things:

4. Too complicated? Let me break it down for you:

5. Get it yet?

6. Things may get weird:

7. Because today the haters won't get you down:

Just roll your eyes at them:

And leave them in the dust:

8. You'll take center stage:

9. And Facebook won't think you're a knee:

10. A man named "Tooty" will not hit on you:

11. And you'll help those that need you the most:

12. And solve your problems that need solving:

13. And you'll accomplish your dreams:

14. And this WILL NOT happen to you:

Or this:

Or this:

Definitely not this:

And especially not this:

15. So be open-minded:

16. Not close-minded:

And this will NEVER EVER HAPPEN again:

17. So suit up:

18. Get on board:

19. Picture a still-fat Jonah Hill:

20. Be glad that you had cereal for breakfast instead:

21. Smile:

22. And look at this picture of a dog getting hit in the crotch with a tennis ball:

Now say it with me: TODAY WILL BE THE BEST DAY EVER!