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22 Texts You Can Relate To On A Spiritual Level

Praise be to these texts.

1. On punctuality:

2. On spending money:

3. On eating:

4. On texting your best friend:

5. On decision making:

6. On trying to make jokes:

7. On taking compliments:

8. And on giving compliments:

9. On growing up:

10. On Friday nights:

11. On looking for answers:

12. On texting back:

13. On keeping your cool:

14. On chatting with a friend:

15. On making excuses:

16. On what's REALLY on your mind:

17. On flirting:

18. On trying to text your grandparents:

19. On replying to a text:

20. On making plans:

21. On going out:

22. And on cheese: