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    22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Being In Grad School

    I'm so tired.

    1. Your relationship status:

    2. Hittin' that button:

    3. Focusing on the important things:

    4. The one-month progression:

    5. Living that posi-life:

    6. The 24-hour struggle:

    7. The average bedtime:

    8. Loans creepin' in all the time:

    9. Taking some time for you:

    10. Your description of grad school:

    11. Book prices like:

    12. Your tiredness level:

    13. That first syllabus:

    14. Looking to the future:

    15. TBT:

    16. The only way to answer this question:

    17. Weekend plans:

    18. Trying to find a job like:

    19. And being employed like:

    20. Feeling POWERFUL:

    21. Your makeup:

    22. The tip that keeps crossing your mind: