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21 People Who Woke Up One Morning And Immediately Regretted Every Single Decision They Made That Day

Okay, I gotta be honest: That's not what you want.

1. The person who is apparently sitting behind that girl from The Ring:

2. The person whose floor shall forever be orange:

3. The person who had a cascading rainbow of vending machine bad luck:

4. The person who got a little smooch with their meal:

5. The person who had a literal oil spill inside their office:

6. The person whose watch blew up:

7. The person who I hope likes their beverages nice 'n' chunky:

8. The person who missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

9. The person who was apparently growing dookie in their backyard:

10. The person who quite possibly might be the worst lift 'n' peeler of all time:

11. This poor, poor soul:

13. The person who made the classic mistake of putting their keys in their chocolate pocket:

14. The person who gave their jeans a cool new look:

15. The person who must've gotten their snacks from freakin' Jerry Garcia. I'm serious!

Gonna be goin' down the road feelin' bad after this one.

16. The person whose nephew absolutely decimated their $20:

17. The person whose dad just used all the toothpaste for a very good reason:

18. The person whose sink sank:

19. The person who wanted lentils so bad, they literally ripped their fridge apart:

20. The person whose cast-iron skillet is apparently made of paper:

21. And the person whose butter is all jacked up on BGH (butter growth hormone):

Gotta take it easy with that stuff, butter.

H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating and r/Wellthatsucks.