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24 Pictures That Prove 2019 Is Basically The Damn Future

Welcome to the future.

1. We FINALLY know what Pluto looks like:


2. Floppy discs might as well be from the Stone Age:

3. 128MB has become 256GB:

4. By the way, this is what 10MB looked like in the 1960s:

5. There are SHOES that can be CHARGED:

6. Ambulance drones:

7. Self-sanitizing doors:

8. Toasters with "lift and look" buttons so you can see how far along your toast is:

9. Helmets with rearview cameras:

10. Prosthetic legs that look like this:

11. And need I remind you we have our first image of what a black hole looks like?


12. We can translate everything on the go:

13. Mothers can touch and feel 3D prints of their children before they're even born:

14. While we're at it, see this picture? That's the world's smallest computer next to a single GRAIN OF RICE:

15. People are forgetting to charge THEIR ARMS:

16. You can get a camera FOR AN EYE:

17. Drones are saving the Earth:

18. And on top of that, we have telescopes that can capture images of over 15,000 galaxies. 15,000!

NASA, ESA, P. Oesch (University of Geneva), and M. Montes (University of New South Wales)

19. That cutting edge phone everyone had in 2004 is in a MUSEUM:

20. So is the N64:

21. Just keep this in mind: This is 1994 versus 2019:

22. Flash drives that display how full they are:

23. I mean...

24. Welcome to the future: