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Dec 17, 2017

32 Pictures That Will Make 2017 Seem Not Completely Awful

Some things were OK.

1. Historic pictures were taken:

2. This dog got the job done:

3. Grandma perfected texting:

4. They found Dee:

I literally helped him find dee. What’d you do today.

5. He. Found. THE TREATS.

6. Grandpa told the world's greatest joke:

7. This tie found its way through time:

8. The world found the hero it truly needs:

9. Real friends were found:

10. This parrot solved all the world's problems:

11. Charlie got his bottle:

12. Dads set a new benchmark:

13. The world's last video store gave away more than rentals:

14. People answered the most important question of all time:


15. This kid got into his first choice:

16. This guy opened the world's first hotel for our little friends:

17. A star was born:

18. People held on tight:

19. Wafer made his presence known:

20. These two experienced true happiness:

21. This goldfish got fitted:

22. Dad mailed the mango:

23. Two people found their hair doppelgänger:

24. Class was in session:

25. And even though we got some unnecessary texts...

26. ...ran into some trouble...

27. ...and got a little scared at times:

28. Dad was still there:

29. Tennis balls found their home:

30. The real Santa was found:

31. The flowers still came:

32. And we all found beauty in birbs:


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