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23 Pictures That Prove We're Living In The Damn Future

Welcome to the future.

1. People are forgetting to charge THEIR ARMS:

2. You can play insane augmented reality games like this:

3. Highlighters can take notes for you:

4. Mothers can touch and feel 3D prints of their children before they're even born:

3D ultrasound printed out for blind mother. This is amazing

5. You can get a camera FOR AN EYE:

6. Bathrooms can have smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it:

7. We can translate language in real time:

8. This guy has a tattoo gun...for AN ARM:

9. And prosthetics can be controlled with your mind:

10. 128 MB has become 128 GB:

11. And don't even get me started on memory cards:

12. Robotic spoons are helping people with disabilities:

13. We have JETPACKS:

14. Wheelchairs can go up stairs:

15. And remember that man who received a face transplant a few years ago? This is him now:

16. Ads are straight out of Harry Potter:

17. And TVs straight out of the year 3030:

18. The N64 is in a MUSEUM:

19. Same with the original iPod:

20. And kids born after 9/11 are in high school:

21. Cameras are basically magic:

22. And all this fits in your iPhone now:

23. But to top it all off, dads can send messages WITH LASERS: