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The 38 Absolute Best Yearbook Quotes From The Class Of 2014

2014 is the best year for yearbook quotes since 2013.

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1. The Ladies' Man Quote:

2. The Golfing Quote:

3. The John Wayne Quote:

4. The Mom Quote:

5. The Twin Life Quote:

6. The Inspiring Quote:

7. The Fartin' Quote:

8. The Drake Quote:

9. The WWE Quote:

10. The Sad Quote:

11. The Nickelodeon Quote:

12. The Queen Quote:

13. The Major Thomas Quote:

14. The FOR THE LAST TIME Quote:

15. The PREACH Quote:

16. The FOR THE LAST TIME Part II Quote:

17. The MSNBC Quote:

18. The Pilot Quote:

19. The Clueless Quote:

20. The Nugget Quote:

21. The Booty Quote:

22. The Conner Quote:

23. The Shape-Shifting Quote:

24. The Band Geeks Quote:

25. The Milky Quote:

26. The Jaden Quote:

27. The Eastside Boyz Quote:

28. The Haircut Quote:

29. The Interesting Hobby Quote:

30. The ??? Quote:

31. The Mean Quote:

32. The Civil Rights Quote:

33. The #kony Quote:

34. The Miley Quote:

35. The Shocking Quote:

36. The Butterfly Effect Quote:


37. The Emoji Quote:

38. And the This Just Got Real Quote:

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