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2012: The Year Of The Horse Head Mask


In 2012, the horse head mask...

1. Graduated from high school:

2. Found a part-time job:

3. When times got tough, worked the streets:

4. Found its way onto a seal:

5. Went where no horse has gone before:

6. Won big in Vegas:

7. Took care of business:

8. Went to the bar:

9. Found Jesus:

10. Took a bathroom break:

11. Got married:

12. Found some time to spend with the wife:

13. And the kids too, of course:

14. Caught up with the relatives:

15. Watched a ball game:

16. And the Ryder Cup:

17. Raised a child:

18. Found time to vacation in Disney World:

19. Rode its first ever roller coaster:

20. Upset Santa Clause:

21. Worked on shooting the 3:

22. Rode an elephant:

23. Went to the Olympics:

24. Reenacted the last supper:

25. Worked part-time at Subway:

26. Saved the company millions:

27. Discovered new ocean life:

28. Proved that sometimes it's OK to have a LITTLE horseplay in the lab:

29. Gave a basset hound a great Halloween costume:

30. Stalked some friends:

31. Enrolled at the University of Chicago:

32. Went jogging during Hurricane Sandy:

33. Goofed around on Chatroulette:

34. Read some scandalous books:

35. Did a little bit of sexting:

36. Celebrated Barack Obama's reelection:

37. Gave a cat a hot new look:

38. Replaced the star at the top of the Christmas tree:

39. And confused the hell out of some security guards: