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26 Pictures That Are So Incredibly 2007 They Hurt

2007 wasn't just a year... it was AN EXPERIENCE.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their most 2007 pictures. Here are the very, very emo results.


7. "Big ass sunglasses, MCR shirt and horrible upper angle selfie. I thought I was so dark..."

Note: Big ass sunglasses, MCR shirt and horrible upper angle selfie. I thought I was so dark... —shandleyk


8. "Note the gaucho pants paired with heels (?!), the High School Musical poster on my wall, the Jack Johnson poster, and my brightly colored dorm decor. My FB caption to this was "Fuckin around".

12. "Note the top of the line sliding phone, jeans cut way way too low, raccoon eyeliner, emo bangs, and the studded belt. I’m not sure why I thought the bathroom at my brother’s house was prime real estate for a selfie, but this was definitely my Myspace picture for a while."


19. "A typical concert picture from the time. When hair dye jobs were done at home, eyeliner was smudgy, you collected energy drink tabs on your fav hot topic necklace and you wore too many bracelets.


23. The most 2007 birthday ever, complete with an iPod video and a High School Musical cake:

The most 2007 birthday ever (peep the iPod video, high school musical cake, "how to draw manga" book, and the Clair…

24. "A grainy digital camera photo of Tyson Ritter performing at an All American Rejects concert at my college. I remember I snuck the digital camera in by putting tons of tissues over it.... oh, 2007."

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