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    38 Commercials That Have Haunted Every Single Millennial For Their Entire Life

    "Who you callin' Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker."

    If you're between the ages of 23 and 39, chances are you've seen every one of these commercials about two million times:

    1. The commercial that made no sense and the most sense all at the same time:

    starburst berries and cream commercial

    "Berries and cream!"

    2. The commercial that taught you every insult you'll ever need to know:

    lint licker commercial
    Twitter: @JasonHunta

    "Who are you calling a cootie queen? You lint licker!"

    3. The commercial that's been stuck in your head for years now:

    "Hello mother, hello father/Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes really bother"

    4. The commercial that changed the abbreviation game forever:

    i dk my bff jill commercial

    "IDK, my BFF Jill."

    5. The commercial that made you terrified to smoke weed:

    anti-drug weed commericial

    "This is the way it's been since she started smoking pot."

    6. The commercial that will never get out of your head:

    head on commercial
    Twitter: @608thad

    "Apply directly to the forehead."

    7. The commercial that permanently burned into your brain:

    SHIRLEY temple dvd commercial


    8. The commercial that showed off the POWER of eyedrops:

    ben stein in clear eyes commercial

    "For dry, red eyes, Clear Eyes is awesome."

    9. The commercial that dropped that hottest verse on the planet:

    education connection commercial
    Twitter: @emyelnats


    10. The commercial with probably the most '90s jingle in existence:

    bagel bites commercial

    "Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, PIZZA AT SUPPERTIME!"

    11. The commercial with the most unnerving old dude to ever dance:

    six flags commercial
    Twitter: @kxdroyal

    *Instrumental music plays*

    12. The commercial that made you question whether murdering a snowman was worth it for the soup:

    cambell's soup commercial

    "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

    13. The commercial that made you terrified of... these... things:

    quiznos commercial

    "WE LOVE THE SUBS!!!!!"

    14. And the other commercial that taught you how to rhyme:

    free credit report commercial
    Twitter: @juggy2times


    15. The commercial that made iced tea look like a magical potion:

    nesttea commercial

    16. The commercial that showed you your future at 3 a.m.:

    miss cleo commercial

    "Call me now!"

    17. The commercial that went WAAAAY over your innocent head:

    erectile disfuction commerical

    "Meet Bob!"

    18. The commercial that played all day long on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network:

    zoo books commercial

    "Scientifically accurate illustrations!"

    19. And the other commercial that seemingly played nonstop on Nick and Cartoon Network:

    muzzy commercial

    "Yes, that's French they're speaking."

    20. The most successful cough drop commercial in history:

    ricola commercial


    21. The commercial that taught you yet another brand-new insult:

    7up commercial

    "Make 7-UP YOURS."

    22. The commercial that showed you the perfect time and place for opera: the bus.

    JG wentworth commercial


    23. The commercial the was sort of horrifying:

    baby bottle pop commercial


    24. The commercial that made you NEED a magazine:


    25. The commercial that was way too catchy for a soda ad:

    FANTA commercial

    "Wanna Fanta, dontcha wanna"

    26. The commercial with the perfect combination — iced tea and claymation:

    brisk commercial

    "That's Brisk, bay-bee!"

    27. The commercial that showed a GD odyssey-level epic tale of a ravioli can:

    chef boyardee commercial
    Twitter: @AleahMelody

    "What do you want for dinner?"

    28. And the commercial that blew those other two raps out of the water:

    reeses puffs commercial
    Twitter: @ssj0scar

    "PB&C is what I’m thinking of."

    29. The commercial that taught you what the true meaning of "hot" is:

    sears commercial

    "It's so hot."

    30. The commercial that showed shampoo in its natural habitat:

    lo'real kids shampoo commercial

    "Bye-bye, tears!"

    31. The commercial that proved how selfish owls really are:

    tootsie roll commercial
    Twitter: @ox_Tamryn_xo

    "Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three."

    32. The commercial that made you want — no – NEED an iPod:

    ipod 2000s advert

    *That Ting Tings song plays in the background*

    33. The commercial that made you really want to be a fruit:

    gushers commercial

    "Fruit gushers!"

    34. The commercial that made you absolutely need to get your hands on some Floam:

    floam commercial


    35. The commercial that made you want to be a professional dancer:

    darren's dance grooves
    Facebook: kevin.cabrera.376

    "Darren's Dance Grooves!"

    36. The commercial that perfectly captured what public transportation for humans and also cookies is like:

    chips ahoy commercial

    "Smack dab in the middle!"

    37. The commercial that was always on at 2 A.M.:

    sunsetter commercial


    38. The commercial that's probably the most early-2000s commercial in existence:

    dell commercial

    "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell."