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    20 Buffalo Chicken Recipes You Need To Try Right Now

    The Superbowl is today! What are you waiting for!? Click the links under the pictures for recipes.

    1. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese


    "You really cannot go wrong with a spicy filling encased in melted, ooey, gooey cheese all wrapped up in a buttery lightly toasted bread!"

    2. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dips in Mini Bread Bowls


    "The best part is...once your guests are finished dipping...they're left with this delicious little treat that's akin to a mini Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak!"

    3. Layered Buffalo Chicken Nachos


    "One day last week, I started thinking how delicious the blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce would be on crispy chips with melted cheese. So I made a snack.

    Four days in a row."

    4. Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese


    "This is "Man Food" at its best."

    5. Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcake


    "With hot sauce and blue cheese in the cake and a blue cheese buttercream frosting."

    6. Buffalo Chicken Bites


    "One of the best things about this appetizer, is you can prepare these in the morning and keep them in the fridge until ready to bake."

    7. Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls


    [From the comments] "My entire life has come to a halt. I must make these before I take another breath."

    8. Buffalo Chicken Lasagna



    9. Buffalo Chicken Cheeseball



    10. Buffalo Chicken Pasta


    "I don’t care what you call it. Just get on it."

    11. Buffalo Chicken Sushi


    "This is the kind of appetizer that makes me wish I was a tantalizing 20 year old co-ed going to Columbia, because these would surely get me regular action of the biblical kind."

    12. Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip


    "If you’re ready to go from snack scrub to appetizer all-star, then give this great baked dip a try."

    13. Buffalo Chicken Soup


    "You are going to like this. I promise."

    14. Buffalo Chicken Tacos


    "Sunday funday + buffalo chicken tacos = the best football grub ever."

    15. Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

    Presented without comment.

    16. Buffalo Chicken Bites


    "These are such an awesome snack, which could be a meal in itself if you have enough of them. It's not hard since they are addictively delicious!"

    17. Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas


    "I am obsessed with buffalo sauce. I want to drink it."

    18. Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak


    Too good to be true.

    19. Buffalo Chicken & Bacon Pizza


    An unbeatable combination.

    20. Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcake, Again


    Why haven't you made this yet?

    And wash it all down with...

    Buffalo Wing Soda

    Because you're already going to die after eating all this, anyway.