20 Buffalo Chicken Recipes You Need To Try Right Now

The Superbowl is today! What are you waiting for!? Click the links under the pictures for recipes.

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2. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dips in Mini Bread Bowls


"The best part is...once your guests are finished dipping...they're left with this delicious little treat that's akin to a mini Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak!"

3. Layered Buffalo Chicken Nachos


"One day last week, I started thinking how delicious the blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce would be on crispy chips with melted cheese. So I made a snack.

Four days in a row."

11. Buffalo Chicken Sushi


"This is the kind of appetizer that makes me wish I was a tantalizing 20 year old co-ed going to Columbia, because these would surely get me regular action of the biblical kind."

And wash it all down with...