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19 Pictures That Sum Up How Absolutely Ridiculous It Is Finding A Job

"Do you have at least 3 years of 3 years experience?"

1. When a job says they want someone with "experience":

2. It almost always looks like this:

3. Or like this:

4. Or this:

5. Come on.

6. Then there's the résumé redundancy:

7. Every damn time.

8. And actually WRITING the resume:

9. And making sure you don't make any dumb spelling errors:

10. There's filling out the application:

11. Trying to think of what you're actually skilled at:

12. And trying to think of what the people hiring would want to hear:

13. Hmmmm...

14. There's answering the tough questions:

15. Stretching the truth a little bit:

16. And just trying to make it work:

17. Then there's interviews:

18. Trying to sell yourself:

19. And trying to think of the right answer to every question:

When, honestly, this is all you want to say: