19 Pictures That Sum Up Having Terrible Sleeping Habits

    "What time do you go to bed?" "10:30, sometimes 4 a.m."

    1. You always end up doing this equation:

    2. And you always end up gently rocking yourself to sleep:

    3. There's always natural progression:

    And trying to make the impossible possible:

    4. You always end up making goals for yourself:

    5. And reaching those goals:

    6. These are your peaceful bedtime thoughts:

    7. And this is good night:

    8. You're always asking the tough questions:

    9. Or distracting yourself:

    10. Or just plain FEELIN' IT:

    11. Or remembering something you definitely shouldn't remember:

    12. This is the best feeling in the world:

    13. THE GLORY:

    14. And this is the worst feeling:

    15. Waking up is a lot like this:

    16. And the morning routine is basically this:

    17. These are your first thoughts every morning:

    18. Basically:

    19. To sum it up: