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    18 People Who Immediately Regretted Basically Everything In Their Life That Led To This Moment

    Rough stuff.

    1. The person about to have a very white kitchen:

    2. This person who learned just how heavy a statue is:

    3. This person who might have a slight problem here:

    4. This person enjoying a delicious meal of red plastic:

    5. This person who found some buried treasure:

    6. This person with a very bountiful harvest:

    7. This person eating some nice ice cold cereal:

    8. This person whose car now has just a tiny scratch:

    9. This dentist's worst nightmare:

    10. The inventor of the garlic chocolate chip muffin:

    11. This test-taker:

    12. This person experiencing catastrophic lawnmower failure:

    13. This person with the most feathery dryer in existence:

    14. This person who juuuuust missed:

    15. The person who got this sign for poor Morgyn's birthday:


    16. The person who turned money into confetti:

    17. This person who's about to learn a whole lot about screw sizes:

    18. And Ol' Wet Boot:

    Sweet dreams!

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