15 Things That Are Way Bigger Than You Thought

Get ready to feel small. I mean really, really small.

  • 1. The Pacific Ocean


  • 2. Jupiter


  • 3. A Manta-Ray


  • 4. Africa


  • 5. Texas


  • 6. A Blue Whale


  • 7. A Blue Whale's Heart

    That's a scale model.  (source)

  • 8. Antarctica


  • 9. The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Ever Detonated

  • 10. Russia


  • 11. The Largest Dinosaur Ever Discovered, Amphicoelias


  • 12. The Titanic


  • 13. Alaska


  • 14. One Trillion Dollars

    Those are all ONE HUNDRED dollar bills, double-stacked. And that's a person in the corner. (source)

  • 15. The Universe

    Each one of those dots is a different galaxy. The Milk Way is one of those tiny, tiny dots.

  • Bonus! The True Size Of A Velociraptor

    As big as a turkey. (source)

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