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11 People Who Have Had Horrible Experiences With Bath Salts

We've all seen the news reports, but what happens all the other times you DON'T eat a person?

Here are some reports from Erowid, a website where people can anonymously submit their experiences with a vast array of drugs:

1. What it's like buying bath salts:

I went back to the gas station and the clerk told me there was yet again another new product a substance known as Ivory Wave Bath Salt. It was labeled at 30 dollars for 500mg and he told me since we were cool he would give it to me for 15 dollars.

The directions on the back of the package said: 'Take a small amount and add it to bathwater. The pack is equivalent to 10 baths. Limit One (1) bath per day. Ingredients: Epsom salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Minerals, Trace elements and naturally occurring amino acids.' Little did I truly know that I was going to have a most horrible night and following day.

2. Panic:

Walking back across the hall, a sudden wave of panic hit me. I was unable to bring myself to go into my room. Instead I sat down outside. I was told afterward that I sat there for around five hours. I had no idea of the time, but I do remember various things. I heard voices from my friend's room, which I strained to hear but couldn't quite make out. I convinced myself that they had been hiding in the wardrobe, and I wasn't invited. I started having auditory hallucinations, hearing the sound of wings flapping behind my head and high pitched voices.

I was convinced they were watching me from the keyhole in the door. I learned later there were, in fact, no keyholes in the doors at all.

3. Addiction:

Every white speck I see, anywhere, I'm licking it, tasting it, hoping it's more. I've been the same way on cocaine but not for long usually. I was scraping the powder that had caked up inside the straws and piling it up and re-sniffing. Anywhere that bag of 'bath-salts' had touched, I could swear I could see little traces of white powder, I was licking everywhere, CD cases, my Ipod case (which I used to snort most of it from), my bedsheets, my fingers, I licked every possible thing I could think of where any residue could be. My dresser, the crumbs from my pockets were licked clean, I couldn't get on this computer and put anything together because of the 'White Specks' I saw everywhere. I would stick my fingers up my nose and if anything had crusted up there, it went in my mouth. 10pm and I'm still wide awake, been awake the entire previous night. In many places, I saw dust and powder and lines that weren't really there. I'm sure saw it though, or I thought I did. I looked down at my shirt to see if I got any powder on my clothes, I'm licking my shirt.... yeah.

4. Complete breakdown:

Days later I am still awake, petrified at what I see in the mirror. My skin is clamy and grey, my hands have turned a shade of greyish blue, my heart is racing, my extremities are cold but my head feels like I'm burning up.

The entire period after was not much more than a blur. I remember having a slight mental breakdown, and for the first time in years I broke down and cried... in my bosses' office.

5. Overdose?

I started looking up mephedrone overdoses. My skin felt numb. My feet kept falling asleep. I was very lightheaded and dizzy. I kept wondering where my friend went. I started getting horribly paranoid, I texted her a few times and then I thought 'What if she knows I'm high and this is a test?' and then I thought 'What if something happened to her?' I started thinking she might be dead. Finally, after what seemed like forever, my friend finally came back. I was still freaking out a little bit but it was nothing compared to how I had felt before.

6. Heart stopping:

DO NOT USE THIS STUFF. MY HEART STOPPED BEATING. It literally stopped. I am an experienced drug user who has experimented with more drugs than I have fingers. This is more dangerous than crack. Not to mention the come down was the worst experience of my life. It lasted 9 hours. Nothing but fear, heart palpitations, jitters, severe nausea, and everything coming and going a million miles an hour. It was terrible. Because of this experience I will never use drugs ever again. I am lucky to still have a living human body to use to warn you with. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS SHIT.

7. Wounds that aren't there:

It got to the point that I imagined I was getting rigor mortis in my back. I reached around to try to rub the point of pain and my fingers met a strange waxy texture which felt wrong. I asked my friend to come quickly because I needed to talk to him in person. I was getting paranoid that when he arrived I would be unable to speak to him because I would be floating from the ceiling like a ghost. I wondered if my nerves were malfunctioning because I had felt such a strange texture and deliriously feared that some important bodily secretion was leaking from my skin from a wound I could not see.

8. Intense hallucinations:

Intense hallucinations came back and they didn’t knock on the door this time or ask to come in, they just charged right on in and they came in hard. I saw cavemen hitting each other over their heads with clubs on my TV (and it was off), I saw an assembly line of tiny Gorillas flying around my head, and for about 10 minutes I stared at a blank piece of loose-leaf paper and thought cartoons were being played on it. As I was sitting on my couch in my room after about 10 minutes after I smoked I heard my door trying to be forced open (hallucination) as well as I heard my father screaming my name and I thought it was coming from outside my window. He passed from lung cancer the day after my 18th birthday.

9. A trip to the hospital:

I started having very vivid hallucinations of people being in my house who refused to leave. These people were characters from the TV show Oz, in particular Vern Schillinger and his son Hank as well as delusions of short little black clad Asians siting in my house who also refused to leave. I was extremely frightened and panicked.

Anyway, I tried using conventional methods of making them leave, such as threatening them with my katana, but when this failed I called the police. They ended up bringing me to the hospital where I was given 30 mg of Valium, which calmed me down.

10. Lasting problems:

My friend (who has since refused to speak to me) called an ambulance when she found me in my room, huddled on the floor. I was rushed to the emergency room. I had a 140 bpm (normal resting being 55) and was seizing. By this this I was seeing hallucinations of monsters, aliens, demons….

So why am I sharing this story? To date, I have kidney failure from the extended MDPV usage. I have recently been diagnosed with heart problems and have been prescribed beta blockers to slow down my heart rate. To top it off, I developed acute schizophrenia/bipolar disorder that I will never recover from. I am lucky to be alive.

11. A warning:

Long story short:
-1-2 hours of euphoria,
-20+ hours of insanity,
-3+ Days of comedown,
-And I'll maybe never return to 100%

It's not worth it.

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