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26 Pictures That Look Like Ancient Freakin' History In 2018

Party rock is in the retirement home tonight.

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1. This computer desk complete with lava lamp and Cartman figurine:

2. The most blinged out phone in existence:

3. A Myspace selfie complete with digital camera and shutter shades:

4. This text with two extremely good band names:

5. That helicopter game being played on Windows XP:

6. This black and white photo of Converse with stick figures drawn on them:

7. Two dudes posing with a Fruitopia machine:

8. A Monster energy drink placed right next to an iPod and an old phone:

9. A six person Livestrong bracelet power formation:

10. Mapquest directions hanging front and center:

11. Two girls doing backflips in the aisles of a Blockbuster:

12. A CD collection, complete with a Soulja Boy burned CD:

13. A lit'ral sea of colorful iMacs:

14. Two people watching Mean Girls on a portable DVD player:

15. The original iMessage:

16. A Britney Spears case for a Nokia phone:

17. This dude with, like, 14 popped collars:

18. A screen full of AIM buddy info:

19. A truly aggressive amount of silly bands worn all at once:

20. Cuisine straight from Shrek's swamp:

21. Every shell necklace in existence:

22. A blurry, messy mirror selfie that's impossible to see:

23. Someone crying over Click and texting about it, presumably in T9:

24. Somebody using LimeWire to download a whole bunch of emo music:

25. One man searching diligently for the perfect CD:

26. And someone playing Snake on a Nokia phone:

Twitter: @djdemers

Pretty much as ancient as it gets.

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