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    • daver21

      Some people confuse the meaning of ‘art’ asaword. There are high level skills that have no art in them because they are not creative. Impressive, yes. Unique and thought provoking, not necessarily. It’sacommon mistake to call just anything painted byaperson art. It’s not the same as art in the intellectually challenging sense. The argument that halfacow or an unmade bed is not art misunderstanding the fact that those creations are art inadifferent sense. These photorealistic paintings are supreme examples ofacopyist’s skills. They rarely bring anything new to the viewer that they couldn’t have got from an enlargement of the original photograph (which these are plainly copied from). I’m not deriding the talent that went into these works butIcan’t say any particular one knocked my socks off. After you get past the ‘wow’ of the skill involved there’sarather empty feeling.Ican’t remember one of them that did much more than make me think about all the work that went into creating the picture. That’s not art in my book.

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