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    • davem55

      More Evidence that Obamacare Is Killer specifically “Obamacare” — is a killer, and fascist legislation. Yesterday the Washington Post added evidence. The first Times article, Oct. 2, revealed that some 9 million poor Americans are falling into the gap between Medicaid and subsidized insurance under Obamacare, and thus will be without any health insurance as the law’s “exchanges” go into effect. The second, a Sunday lead story Oct. 12, showed that the Obamacare website, or “health portal”, is failing as if by design to let Americans obtain insurance through it. It cited contractors, current and former government officials, insurance executives, and consumer groups stressing about the serious access problems reported with the site, “These are not glitches”. The site software does not work, and the White House received multiple warnings that it would not work, yet refused to delay the launch. larouchepac

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