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20 Cross-Fandom Face-Offs We Totally Want To See

There are many characters from different movie and TV universes who will never go head-to-head in any sort of fight to the death/winner-take-all competition. We fans have accepted that fact. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to see it happen.

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3. Spear against Sword

Oberyn Martell v King Arthur.

King Arthur might not crush this Dornishman's skull with his bare hands, but his wits and skill might tip the scales in his favor. The Red Viper is not to be underestimated, however.

4. Down by the Rivers

River Song v River Tam.

Two butt-kicking and intelligent space ladies whose past has involved being conditioned as the ultimate weapon is definitely something to witness. And that's without considering the potential battle of catchphrases. Which would win: "I can kill you with my brain." or "Hello Sweetie!"

9. A Battle of Criminal Minds

Moriarty v The Joker.

In a showdown to prove which twisted iconic arch-enemy is superior, who would prove the more dangerous? Is this notorious Batman villain worthy to be seen in the Crown Jewels or will this consulting criminal ask how he got those scars?

16. Cool Spaceguy v Cool Spaceguy

Captain Jack Harkness v Han Solo.

Could Jack stop flirting long enough to fight Han? Would Han get a bad feeling about Jack and shoot first? We don't know, but want to see!

17. You have his permission to wear red, white, and blue

Bane v Captain America.

One man is ruthless and you can barely understand what he's saying, while the other is jacked-up on steroids and patriotism. It's gonna be close.

Who did I leave out? Who would you want to see?

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